Tuesday Treasure: Spring Knits from MollyandBuggs

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

The DTeam welcomes a new member from Canada, MK Girl, whose shop contains lovely hand-crocheted and knitted accessories for winter, including snow boots, snuggly hats, and other functional and attractive items for children and adults. However, you will also come across unique spring finds in this shop. As the warmer weather ahead beckons, so do the handmade treasures from this Etsy shop.

Below are a few we find especially appealing, from a flower headband to a woolly lamb hat (who can resist that face? It’s the Chinese Year of the Sheep, after all!) We encourage you to browse MollyandBuggs for more adorable creations.





Tuesday Treasury: By Crystal Simpson

Wishing for spring, with the dteam

By Crystal Simpson of CrystalCat1989

Things that remind me of spring.

Green and Brown Suede Flower Necklace with Engraved Wooden Butterfly Pendant Ceramic Box Turtle "On the Move" Clip Earrings Pink and Green Bird Beaded Tassels Hand Painted Upcycled Green Wine Bottle, Red Black Flowers Olive Oil Bottle Original Art Design, Bath Oil Hostess Gift vinegar oil bottle
Cute Card, Anniversary, You Got Me, Sweet Gift, Valentine Card, Love Birds, Romantic Card, Love Card, Bird Art Crochet Fruit Basket Centerpeice Table Decoration in Olive Green Leaf Dragon with strawberry. OOAK cold porcelain miniature hand-modeled and painted with decorative strawberry, fantasy collection Knitting Project Bag/Crochet Project Bag (reversible wristlet) in green and browns
Handmade necklace, peas in a pod aventurine necklace, original jewellery, gifts for her, bridesmaid gift, best friend present, wire wrapped Lime, soft pink, and golden yellow Large Flower Hair Clip Floral Square Bowl, Needle Felted, 100% Organic, Housewares Hippity Hoppity Easter Dog Collar - Customizable
White Magnolia - Garden/Woodland Photography- Color 11x14 Print- Home & Office Decor Gothic rose earrings, Flower jewelry, Red and black flower earrings, Beaded chainmail jewelry Pink Rose and black ring, rose flower jewelry, pink rose jewelry,  adjustable ring, gothic jewelry, polymer clay jewelry, poymer clay Vintage Style Flower Ring

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Tuesday Treasure: Ceramics for Cyclists

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

This week’s Tuesday Treasures are available in Extra Small. If you visit FeltRopeStudios on Etsy, you will find a variety of mugs and pottery that you can hold comfortably in your hands. The mugs are roomy, and will hold a satisfying cup of steaming coffee. But you will also find items you can balance on the tip of your finger. There are some remarkable and exquisite miniatures in this eclectic shop.

FeltRopeStudios is a great place to find gifts for some of the hard-to-shop-for men in your life. The imaginative designs draw from the world of science fiction, manga, and steampunk. There is also a nice collection designed just for cyclists. Below are just a few of the items you will find when you come to browse:




Featured Customer of the Week – Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads

Etsy DTeam:

What a nice feature on ElephantBeads in the UnkamenSupplies newsletter!

Originally posted on UnkamenSupplies Blog:

This week we are featuring Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads! Molly makes fun and colorful beaded jewelry that is certain to tickle anybody’s fancy! Check out her story:Elephant Beads“I have a career that focuses on practical, real-world, corporate solutions – and I love the work I do. I also have a lifelong interest in creating things with my hands. My best teachers were my grandmothers – one taught me to work with yarn, crocheting and knitting, and the other taught me to work with paint, and the fine points of color composition. Though my weekday hours are spent in the corporate world, I have kept my grandmothers’ artistic influence alive throughout the years.

Most recently, I have embraced beading and beadwork. Threading beads on a string or a wire or weaving them into a mini-tapestry is like playing with magic. My shop was born in 2010 because my stash of…

View original 151 more words

Tuesday Treasure: The Honey Bee Basket – Sweet Crowns

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Sometimes an Etsy shop just grabs your fancy and won’t let go! That is so true of TheHoneyBeeBasket – a new Etsy shop that caters to the little girls and babies in our lives – and those of us who have never quite outgrown the princess urge. This is a lovely shop to browse for items that will remind you of those lacy, rich Valentines from days gone by. Check out a few treasures from TheHoneyBeeBasket – and then hop on over to see what else Brandie has to offer in her shop!






Tuesday Treasure: Enameled Metal Valentine Hearts

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

It is time to start seriously shopping for Valentine’s Day, and there’s a DTeam shop we highly recommend: JudysDesigns!

Judy has mastered the enameled metalwork heart necklace this year, and even presents it in Pantone’s color of the year: Marsala. This is a red that satisfies and fulfills – it is mature, like a good wine. Perfect for showing your love this Valentine season! And for all the other days of the year, browse Judy’s shop for that perfect metal, bead, or boho chic accessory!

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace1

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace2

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace3

JudysDesigns Copper Earrings

Tuesday Treasure: Gemstone Creations

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Sue Mellem at BeadStormJewellery eventually left her career in healthcare to focus full time on creating the beautiful pieces in her Etsy shop. She uses metals and gemstones to create beautiful little color portraits that you can wear! We’ve chosen a few to share – come to her shop to find whatever color you might be craving:



Tuesday Treasure: Vintage Milk Glass Spice Jars

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

You can easily get lost on Etsy browsing through the vintage finds from an endless variety of shops. But be sure you set aside time for browsing through Elise’s Charleston, South Carolina shop – VintageCarolina. The sheer variety of finds in this shop will keep you coming back for more. Below are just a few treasures we found while browsing – the vintage spice jars are today’s treasure, but we felt compelled to include a few others:

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Vintage Earrings

VintageCarolina Rhinestone Earrings

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

2015 Fashion Trends – For Inspiration

By Lisa Haley, LovinTheGoodOleDays

In my virtual travels over the holidays I came across some information on 2015 trends that may affect your Etsy shop or your shopping habits. These came from Yahoo, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar – other good resources are linked below.2015 Fashion Trends

  • Bohemian
  • Gingham
  • Mismatched earrings (remember those from the 80s?)
  • White lace
  • Suede
  • Platform shoes
  • Flared pants
  • Needlepoint (including cross stitch…quotes, graphics, personalization)
  • Berets
  • Navy and military green
  • Karate-style wrap belts
  • Bold florals
  • The 70s (both colors and styles)
  • …And don’t forget the “it” color is Marsala, though blues are expected to be big for home decor

Want to do your own research for further inspiration? Here are some places to start:

KEEP: Getting Started as a Seller

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

With the introduction of a universal shopping cart, Keep has made it essential that sellers get plugged in. Here is the good news: if you have an Etsy shop, it is VERY easy. Before getting started as a seller on Keep, you might want to take this occasion to spruce up your photographs. KEEP2If you browse through Keep, you’ll notice the photographs are crisp, bright and stylish. If you’ve been putting off working on your own photos, now might be the time to work on them. There is no need to update all of your listings at once. Choose your brightest, crispest listings for Keep, and upgrade additional listings as you go.

Are you ready to sell on Keep? Here are the four easy steps to get started:

  1. Review Keep’s retailer guidelines first. Does your store qualify? If you sell on Etsy, it probably does
  2. Sign up for Keep. I used my shop name in the first name field, but some Etsy shop owners use their own name.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, add the “Keep It” button to your browser.
  4. Browse to an item in your shop, and click the “Keep It” button.
    • Choose a category for your item – you can create new categories as you go. Create categories that match the items in your shop.
    • Your item description from Etsy will automatically be included with your Keep – but if you want to add any comments or tag words, you may do so.

It’s that easy! Your shop listing is now available for purchase on Keep.

Your next step will be to promote your item. The DTeam has team threads where we promote each other’s Keeps. Come on over and begin promoting!


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