Tuesday Treasure: Vintage Milk Glass Spice Jars

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

You can easily get lost on Etsy browsing through the vintage finds from an endless variety of shops. But be sure you set aside time for browsing through Elise’s Charleston, South Carolina shop – VintageCarolina. The sheer variety of finds in this shop will keep you coming back for more. Below are just a few treasures we found while browsing – the vintage spice jars are today’s treasure, but we felt compelled to include a few others:

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Vintage Earrings

VintageCarolina Rhinestone Earrings

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

Tuesday Treasure: Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Chainmaille jewelry is time consuming to create, and can be spectacular in design. Styles range from folk to bohemian to gothic, and are only limited by the imagination of the chainmaille artist. The chainmaille jewelry and ornaments at DoBatsEatCats on Etsy are out-of-the-box creative finds. The Octopus necklace below is a particularly awesome treasure, but we’ve included a few other items from this shop – including some non-chainmaille earrings – to whet your appetite:


Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille by DoBatsEatCats

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

Tuesday Treasure: Sassy Bracelet from Vampire Diaries

Last week, we missed our Tuesday Treasure – so this week we are featuring TWO lovely items from Etsy’s D-Team shops, and we’re cheating: Our first Tuesday Treasure is being revealed to you a day early! Consider it our Monday gift to you.

Our very own Stephanie, owner and artist of Etsy shop SassyBelleWares, created this amazing bracelet that was recently featured on Vampire Diaries. We love her chunky beaded wrap bracelets and other amazing creations. Check out the other treasures in her shop!

SassyBelleWares Vampire Diaries


Tuesday Treasure: Bullet Jewelry

Whether you love guns and ammo, or just enjoy a great up-cycled piece of wearable art – you can find what you’re looking for at ShellsNStuff on Etsy. This shop features classy jewelry – simple, but extraordinary. This 40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace is just one of many treasures you can find at ShellsNStuff!

TuesTreasure 2014-10-07

40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace by ShellsNStuff

Monday a la Mode: Pantone 2014 Fall Color Lineup

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

I don’t always love all of the Pantone seasonal colors, but Fall 2014 is a fantastic line-up. No matter what 2-3 colors you use in a mash-up, the combination is really quite lovely. Here I have settled on Mauve Mist, Radiant Orchid and Aluminum, and again I’m very satisfied with the result.


Check out these lovely items from some of the DTeam’s new member shops. Click to see each item in the shop, and please browse around for other great selections!

Pantone Aluminum AllThingsArtistic7

Statement Necklace from AllThingsArtistic7



Pantone MyJewelry14

Boho fringe earrings from MyJewelry14


Pantone LadyLibelula

Crochet slouchy hat from LadyLibelula






















Visit Pantone online for more information about how to mix and match the colors.

Talk to us: Will any of these Pantone colors be your special go-to colors for the season? If you’re a crafter or a shop owner – tell us what you’ve made in these colors!

Tuesday Treasure: Neon Bracelet

Visit PurpleCatShop for bright jewelry that is so yummy-looking, it looks good enough to eat! Many of the finds in this shop are handmade with polymer clay. From rainbow cake rings to chocolate chip cookie earrings, PurpleCatShop has it all! Featured here is a neon beaded bracelet that will brighten up the cloudiest Autumn day!


Monday a la Mode: DIY Gift Ideas

MondayalaMode Sept15By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Are you a talented crafter with a limited budget? There’s no time like the present to begin planning for your DIY holiday season. If you plan now, you can order your supplies in the next few weeks, and begin your knitting, sewing, baking and creating in the autumn months. Plenty of time for the holidays!

There are a wide variety of options to match every skill set, but four clear winners rise to the top when it comes to DIY categories of gifts people love to receive:

1) Knitted or crocheted items have never gone out of style. Here is one of our own most popular (and most Pinned) DIY projects, from our very own AddSomeStitches:

Bath Puff 2

2) Photographs can be crafted into so many different gifts – from jewelry to coasters! This great blog post from Listotic includes a number of great ideas for DIY gifts using photographs, as well as a number of other great ideas:


35 DIY Gift Ideas


3) DIY soaps, candles, lip balms and other personal “cookery” are always a hit. Below is a lovely idea for DIY candles-in-a-jar, but you’ll find 38 other ideas, including infused oils, in this linked collection by BuzzFeed:


No time to create your own gifts for this holiday season? Hop on over to Etsy’s DTeam shops and you can find an endless supply of beautiful, clever handmade items for sale.

Talk to us: What gifts do you plan to DIY this season? Share your ideas and links below!


Monday a la Mode: Back to school fashions – fall 2014

By M Kimball – ElephantBeads

This year’s vocabulary word for middle school fashion: Eclectic.Back to School Trends 2014

In the United States alone, according to the National Retail Federation, more than $70 billion flowed from parents’ pockets to ensure their kids (including college-bound students) were dressed for success. With many students already into their first few weeks of classes, back to school shopping is well underway, but it’s not too late to get your kids on board with the three back-to-school fashion trends.

1) ACCESSORIZE: From baseball caps to fedoras, retro sunglasses to fringe bracelets – accessories are uber popular this year. The hats and glasses may not be in evidence in the classroom, but they will reappear for the walk across campus in the sunshine. And the overall look? Eclectic!

2) POP THE COLOR: Bright colors are IN. According to fashion blog Fashionista.com, orange in particular will be making its appearance this fall to brighten up the cloudier days. But colors will be seen alongside animal prints, plaids, and classic black. The overall look? Eclectic!

3) GUYS: STYLE UP! This fall, guys will be making a statement of their own. The look is likely to be “rebellious prep,” according to Andrew Bevan, Teen Vogue’s style features editor, as quoted in a recent CBS News piece. The guys’ look this year? You guessed it: Eclectic!

Talk to us: What will your kids be wearing this fall? Were there any “must have” items they didn’t want to go back to school without?

Tuesday Treasure: Rainbow Bangle from Crystal Cat

This week’s treasure is a rainbow needle felted bangle from Crystalcat1989:

Rainbow Needle Felted Bangle by Crystalcat1989

Rainbow Needle Felted Bangle by Crystalcat1989

Monday Fashion: Sassy Outfit

Today Steph, from SassyBelleWares on Etsy and a member of the DTeam, is sharing with us her favorite outfit.

I am most comfortable in jeans, a tee, my favorite boots, and an armful of bracelets!

Dark Indigo Bootcut Jeans from Joe's Jeans

Dark Indigo Bootcut Jeans from Joe’s Jeans

For me, the important part is that my jeans fit me and are comfy. If the brand is not what the fashion mags say are “cool”, don’t worry! If you wear “cool” jeans that don’t fit you will look less stylish than you will in a pair of “uncool” jeans that fit you perfectly. Take the time to try on lots of different brands and styles until you find what is right for you. One of my fave brands is pricey BUT this brand is the first time I found a pair of jeans that really fit me. If you let them hang dry they will last forever. I believe, one pricey pair I wear and am completely comfy in is worth the money. The trick is to go to the store and try them on to find your cut and size. Then go online and search to find them at a lower price. Sites like hautelook.com and ruelala.com always have pricey jeans for much lower than the retail price even after the shipping charges are added on.

Buttermilk Biscuit Tee by Gypsyville

Buttermilk Biscuit Tee by Gypsyville

I am obsessed with graphic tees. I think they add fun to an outfit. Enough said!
The boots are where I splurge but the splurge is worth it. I have had my pair of Frye boots since 2007 and they only get better with time. I wear them constantly and they are not even close to being worn out. If I could only have one pair of shoes, I would choose my Fryes without hesitation!

Harness Boots by Frye

Harness Boots by Frye

My motto on bracelets is, “you can never have too many bracelets at an arm party!”

On the right wrist:

Y'All Southern Saying Stretch Bracelet in Copper Colors by SassyBelleWares

Y’All Southern Saying Stretch Bracelet in Copper Colors by SassyBelleWares

Sugar Skull Bracelet by MeiFaithStudio

Sugar Skull Bracelet by MeiFaithStudio

For the left wrist:

Patina Copper Leather Bracelet by JudysDesigns

Patina Copper Leather Bracelet by JudysDesigns

Antiqued Copper and Mossy Green and Blue Wire Crochet Bracelet by MegsCrochetJewels

Antiqued Copper and Mossy Green and Blue Wire Crochet Bracelet by MegsCrochetJewels

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