Teaching Thursday: Pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome social media site where you can ‘pin’ pictures from other websites in one convenient place. I have even been seeing some people saying that a Pinterest pin is worth more to a business than a Facebook like.

Here are some articles from around the web that I have found helpful for learning how to pin effectively:

What to Pin: 142 Pinterest Ideas for Entrepreneurs (Launch Grow Joy)

When to Pin: Why You Should Pin on Saturdays (Inspire to Thrive)

Private Pins: How to Create a Secret Pinterest Board (The Wonder of Tech)

Be aware that if you pin pictures from people who do not want you to pin their images, you may be violating their copyright. My personal rule of thumb is to never pin anything from a site without a pin button or a Pinterest profile link. If you just have to have a particular image from a site without either of those items, you can always contact the site and ask for permission to pin from their site.

Wednesday Chat: Facebook

Welcome to Wednesday’s chat. Today, let’s talk about Facebook. Do you have a Facebook page for your business? How do you use Facebook for your business? Here is a checklist for businesses using Facebook. Can you check off most of the items? Discuss in the comments. (And of course, feel free to chat about other things going on with your business, too.)

These Scientists Studied Why Internet Stories Go Viral. You Won’t Believe What They Found | Co.Design | business + design

Read this article if you’re interested in creating more compelling content on the Internet: These Scientists Studied Why Internet Stories Go Viral. You Won’t Believe What They Found
Basically, people are most likely to share posts that create positive emotions, and more likely to share posts that create negative emotions over neutral posts. From the article: “positive emotions best negative ones, any emotion bests none at all.”

Very interesting. I’m thinking about how to incorporate this into my Etsy shop marketing. What about you? Any thoughts on how this might affect your social media use and marketing?

Teaching Thursday: Getting the Word Out

So you’ve got an Etsy shop, now you’ve got to get the word out about it — how will anyone buy your wares if they don’t know about them? How can you get the word out? Blogging and Twitter are two free, fairly simple ways.

There are many blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger are the most popular. I prefer WordPress (obviously 🙂 ) but many people like Blogger. Once you have a blog, be sure and let people know when you’ve posted. How do you do that? Read this article, 13 Places to Share New Blogs Cheatsheet.

Twitter is easy to use — just sign up and start sharing in 140 character posts. Once you’ve done that, and followed a few people, you might start noticing hashtags, words preceded by # that are searchable on Twitter. If you tag your posts with them, it is easier for people to find your posts on a given subject. One hashtag you might notice is #FollowFriday or #ff when people make special notice of their followers on Friday. What is that all about, you might ask? Read all about it in Do You Need to Participate in Follow Friday?

Find the DTeam on Twitter!

Looking for new ways to find out about the DTeam? Search Twitter for #dteam. Here’s a sampling of what you might find:

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