Tuesday Treasure: Tie Dye and Fine Photography

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Wide-ranging creativity describes this week’s treasured shop, CarolSueDesigns. First, the t-shirts. CarolSue’s tie dye creations are real knock-outs! They are unusual in style and design, and you won’t find only Beefy-T’s in this shop. Sexy tank tops? Check! Stylish oversized t’s you can belt? You got it! Men and women will both find styles they’ll want to be seen in.

In addition, CarolSue features some really interesting scientific photographs in her shop. Gorgeous macro shots of real snowflakes glitter on different backgrounds. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces! And finally, if you need the perfect item to accessorize with your new CarolSue tie-dye top, there are handmade jewelry selections to browse through. You won’t be bored when you browse this lovely new Etsy shop – but you might find yourself checking out through PayPal – so be ready!

CarolSueDesigns Etsy 1

CarolSueDesigns Etsy 2

CarolSueDesigns Etsy 3


Tuesday Treasure: Beautiful Moods in Photographs

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

Etsy’s DTeam has been graced with another new-to-Etsy shop with great promise. Browse through Harley Marie’s shop, HarleysChapel, and you will be impressed with how Harley Marie captures the essence of things with her camera. Many photographs in this shop feature natural elements  – animals and flowers. Others feature abandoned buildings being taken back by nature. Regardless of the subject, the photographs each create a mood that encourages you to stop and reflect for awhile. Check out this shop, and enjoy!




Tuesday Treasure: Dark Garden Violets

Today’s treasure comes from ForestBlackImages:

Dark Garden Violets: ForestBlackImages

Dark Garden Violets: ForestBlackImages

Teaching Thursday: Photos for Etsy Listings

Cherry Blossoms: take the photo

(Photo credit: Kamal Zharif)

Number 1 rule for photos on Etsy listings: Use all 5 available photo slots! This is so important to make sure that buyers can see all aspects of your items.

At least 4 of the photos should be of just the item for sale. The 1st photo should be a good, overall shot of the item. Then 3 photos taken from different angles and at least one detail shot, if possible. Show the back of the item if you are willing to (some sellers feel the back of an item reveals proprietary info about the item assembly, others don’t — vintage sellers should definitely show the back, and my items (tassels) are pretty much the same on the back as the front). The 5th photo can show other similar items in your shop, or be the back shot.

If your item has any defects, make sure you show those in a photo and mention which photo it is in the description.

Solid backgrounds, preferably white, are best. Solid backgrounds mean they won’t detract from the item. White backgrounds make you more likely to get into treasuries.

The best photos have even lighting and are not blurry. Many Etsy sellers swear by OTT lights, or photograph outdoors. If this is not an option, or you want more options, you can use a lightbox. Making your own lightbox can save you a lot of money. Some Etsy sellers get fantastic photos without a tripod, but they are rare.

You don’t need a fancy camera, but one that you can adjust a few settings on will make your life a lot easier, as will a photo editor. Picasa is free and easy. Gimp is free, but a lot harder to use. Photoshop is what the pros use, and is quite expensive (Gimp is the free equivalent). For Mac users, iPhoto is good, but Gimp or Photoshop has a bit more functionality. What is your favorite photo editor?

Do you have a favorite tip for taking good photos? Please share in the comments!

FotoFuze tutorial – lighten up!

The D-Team enjoys experimenting with new tools that help us promote our shops. Being a frugal bunch, we are especially fond of tools that are free. It’s always a plus if the tools are also user-friendly. Recently, FotoFuze has passed the D-Team test.

For a quick look at how it works, check out the “before and after” photos from ElephantBeads’ shop:

Making these changes only took a few minutes. For Etsy shop owners, the process is especially easy. To enhance the photos in an existing listing, you first have to allow FotoFuze to access your shop listings, which is a simple process. Once this is done, simply follow the steps below:

Have fun with FotoFuze! This post just scratches the surface of its functionality – and this tool is sure to be enhanced as it becomes more popular. Please share any other cool features with us below!

From Lizbethsgarden: How To Add Transparency to a JPEG in GIMP

 D-Teamer Lizbethsgarden explains how to boost the impact of your online images in this easy-to-follow tutorial. Check it out!


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