Tuesday Treasure: Quilled Paper Creations

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Come to NorthStarPapercraft for some delightful discoveries. Learn a thing or two about fabulous art that can be created with paper. The shop owner and designer, Fiona Payne, specializes in “quilling,” or “paper filligree.” This is a painstaking process using strips of colored paper to create swirls of all sizes, resulting in designs that can be as simple as a delicate pair of earrings or as complex as an intricate scene that can be framed and hung on the wall. Below are just a few of the surprises you’ll find in Fiona’s shop. Check out her Facebook page, too, to track her works in progress!





Tuesday Treasure: Glorious Beaded Jewelry

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Glory of Jewels, one of Etsy’s newer shops, features handcrafted beaded jewelry by artist and shop owner, Sabrina Washington. Sabrina’s work is colorful, creative, and truly glorious. Many of her offerings include necklace with matching earrings, which is helpful when you are looking for the jewelry that perfectly matches a particular outfit.

As with many Etsy artisans, Sabrina was encouraged to open her shop by friends and family who had been enjoying her creations. Now she is making them available to all of us, and we look forward to seeing what new items she will be bringing to her shop!




What Etsy Shop Owners Need to Know About Copyright Infringement

by Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads



copyright free image source: morgueFile.com

In mid-April, Etsy’s stock went up for sale on the Nasdaq exchange. According to Business Insider, Etsy’s stock increased 88% in value after the initial public offering (IPO). CNN Money noted that Etsy was even out-doing Alibaba and Twitter by early May.

Then, just a month after going public, Etsy’s stock plunged 8% in a single day, and has been declining ever since. The trigger? A report by a Wall Street financial analyst that millions of the items for sale on Etsy might be infringing on copyright laws.


In four words: Etsy is cracking down.

As Etsy shop owners, we must now be more vigilant than ever about infringement practices. Do you refer to an NFL team or a Disney film or character in your title, description, or tags? Now is the time to remove those references. Do you offer a crochet Mickey Mouse hat in your shop? Now is a good time to remove it from your shop or reach out to Disney to see if they’re willing to sell you rights to the ears.

But don’t stop there. Keep in mind copyright claims can be filed by “little guys” too. If you found a cool image online that didn’t claim a copyright, or are simply using a sports team’s mascot – “Go Badgers!” – you may be infringing, believe it or not. Visit the links provided below if these examples sent chills down your spine.


Etsy has a very helpful post about avoiding copyright infringement, explaining some of the surprising areas to watch out for, and their own role in enforcing protections. Equally helpful, however, is a post by blogger Beth Picard about copyright infringement, using real (and sometimes VERY surprising) examples from shops that were shut down on Etsy. She explains the process that results in a listing or shop being shut down. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Etsy will ONLY act against shops if they receive a complaint directly from the owner of the intellectual property.
  • Most companies don’t pay people to pore over Etsy listings. But anybody (even a competitor on Etsy) can turn in a shop to the owner of the copyright.
  • The copyright owner can petition Etsy to remove your listing (or your shop, if the issue is widespread).
  • This can happen with no warning – so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Have you had an experience with copyright infringement, from either legal side? Please share it here, as we can all learn from each other’s experiences.

Tuesday Treasure: Wire Wrapped and Beaded Gems

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

One of our newest team members, Karine Hanot, has created a brand new Etsy shop, KarineJewelry, with exquisite wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry pieces. She selects stunning gemstones, and then creates lovely settings for them with intricate wire wrap. In addition, she has some simpler beaded pieces in her shop that are worth checking out. We can’t wait to see her new listings as she builds up her shop inventory. Come check out the beautiful jewelry in Karine’s shop today!




Tuesday Treasure: Unique Finds from UrbanMommyBoutique

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

This week’s Tuesday Treasures come from UrbanMommyBoutique, a shop with unique gift ideas for women and kids. This shop specializes in fabric and paint creations, and its owner, Sunny, welcomes custom requests. Come take a look around!

In the meantime, enjoy a few treasures from this shop – including its most popular item below – custom mermaid wall art that speaks to those of us who enjoy the depths more than the shallow waters. Also featured here are lovely chic daisy headbands, and baby swaddle wraps – pick your own colors!




Tuesday Treasure: Vintage Bone China Napkin Rings

This week’s Tuesday Treasure comes to you from a shop that knows the meaning of the three R’s. Shop owners Monica and Moriah remind us what they are: Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose!

At TTLGFurnishings on Etsy, you will find the butterfly napkin rings featured here, along with a wide variety of other vintage finds. In fact, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one treasure from this treasure-trove. We are including a hippo sugar and creamer set that can hardly be resisted. Stop by TTLG today, and see what else you can find!

il_570xN.659723674_offvTTLGFurnishings Hippos

Tuesday Treasure: Druzy Wedding Necklace

Every wedding is unique. The bride and groom shape the day according to their vision, dreams and goals, as their wedding launches a lifetime together. For the bride who loves natural, organic stone and clean, simple lines, browsing through JessicasBridal will be a pleasure. The Galaxy Druzy necklace below is just one example of what she will find. In fact, these lovely pieces are not just for brides. Check out Jessica’s fabulous creations today!


Teaching Thursday: Search Engine Optimization – Keywords & More

Note: This post is the words of Graeme, an Etsy member who has kindly agreed to let us share his thoughts on SEO more widely. He originally posted this in the Etsy Forums, and JudysDesigns, a DTeam member, found it.

You can do research on Etsy right in Etsy’s search bar – just start typing and popular suggestions appear. Then you can use a tool like: www.tools4etsy.com/Wall-e/Relevancy/Keyword to see where you appear in search + who the top sellers are, the top listings, and the Tags used.

** Titles & Tags are important to Etsy Search (redundancy = relevancy i.e. Tag phrases should be repeated in titles); Description & Titles for SEO (repetition = relevancy, but not duplication; i.e. Titles, each should be unique). Title, Tag and Description (upper/lower) case & punctuation has no importance to Etsy Search & Search Engines like Google & Bing (SEO). Also, the order of Tags is not important.

** Be aware that Etsy sees Categories as having a dual purpose – both as a Category & a Tag. Entering them twice is a waste of a tag.

** According to an Etsy Blog article (ref: blog.etsy.com/en/2013/top-5-steps-to-a-mobile-friendly-shop ): “…item descriptions are truncated on Etsy’s mobile apps after nine lines; aim to keep vital details above the fold.”. As Etsy claims that 40%+ views are coming from Mobile devices, your target audience could be missing key information that may be visible “below the 9-line fold”.

** Please note that on Etsy, it can take up to an hour for the Listing page (Etsy page cache) to refresh and up to 24 hours for the Listing changes to be fully indexed. ( ref: www.etsy.com/help/article/187 )

** Etsy Blog articles & help links that should help:
– Shop Makeover Series: Titles, Descriptions and Tags – blog.etsy.com/en/2011/shop-makeover-titles-descriptions-and-tags/
– Etsy Success: Make Your Shop More Relevant – blog.etsy.com/en/2011/make-your-shop-more-relevant/
– An Etsy worksheet put together to help sellers brainstorm keywords that buyers might use when searching:
– How do I make sure my items are getting found in Search? – www.etsy.com/help/article/821
– How to Get Found in Search – www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/how-to-get-found-in-search/
– How to Get Found in Browse – www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/how-to-get-found-in-browse/
– How do I improve my shop’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – www.etsy.com/help/article/247
– 4 Ways to Improve Your SEO and Increase Your Traffic – blog.etsy.com/en/2013/4-ways-to-improve-your-seo/
– How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions – blog.etsy.com/en/2012/how-to-write-enticing-item-descriptions
(Note: Whilst some of these blog posts have been around for a while, they are still very relevant)
– Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – static.googleusercontent.com/media/www.google.com/en/us/webmasters/...

** Etsy mentioned in an Admin Q&A thread (may 16th, 2014) that Etsy (eg: Treasuries) & external (eg: Facebook) inbound links will help with improving a Listing’s Relevancy. Listing new, relisting and renewing all equally give a Listing’s relevancy a boost.

** A great post on SEO Myths you should NOT believe: www.etsy.com/teams/7722/discussions/discuss/12878519

** Lastly, here is a tool that compares Etsy Tags side-by-side: www.tools4etsy.com/tagwars

Wednesday Chat

What’s on your mind today? How’s your business going as fall and the holiday selling season get started? Are you planning on joining the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp? Chat away in the comments.

Teaching Thursday: Pricing

Pricing. The dreaded method every business must use to set the prices for the goods and services they are selling. Set your prices too low, and you will lose money on every sale and eventually go out of business (unless you are so lucky as to have a 2nd source of income with which to fund your business). Set your prices too high and you will drive away customers. The art of pricing is the art of finding the sweet spot in the middle, high enough to make money and low enough to create happy, satisfied customers.

How to do it? Well, I have my own formula, as does every successful business. Your own formula will depend on your costs, both time and money. Etsy has helpfully written an article on creating your formula, along with handy worksheets to help you along the way. Read it here.

Once you’ve read it and created your formula, you’ll need to go through your Etsy shop and check all the prices of all the items in your shop and make sure they fit your new pricing model. After that, stick to your formula, and make sales with confidence, knowing you aren’t losing money. Good luck!

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