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How To Make A Simple Shop Banner Using Microsoft – Excel and Paint

by VintageCarolina

Here is a quick way to make a shop banner using Excel and Paint:

1) Open Excel
2) Draw a text box anywhere on the page – don’t worry about the size just yet.
3) Type in your shop name and other detail you would like it to say.
4) Customize the fonts, and fill however you wish.
5) Re-size to 7.6″ x 1″. Don’t worry about this, it is just ratio so that it would fit the 760 x 100 pixel requirement for your Etsy shop.
6) Select the text box and right click and choose copy (ctrl+ c). Now the text box is on your clipboard. If you used more than one text box, make sure you select all before you click copy.
7) Open Paint. Right click and choose paste (ctrl + v), you will see the banner. Move it around so that the top left corner fits to the top left of the page.
8) Adjust the image to fit, then “save-as” .jpg

now just upload the image to etsy!


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