Tuesday Treasure: Glorious Beaded Jewelry

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Glory of Jewels, one of Etsy’s newer shops, features handcrafted beaded jewelry by artist and shop owner, Sabrina Washington. Sabrina’s work is colorful, creative, and truly glorious. Many of her offerings include necklace with matching earrings, which is helpful when you are looking for the jewelry that perfectly matches a particular outfit.

As with many Etsy artisans, Sabrina was encouraged to open her shop by friends and family who had been enjoying her creations. Now she is making them available to all of us, and we look forward to seeing what new items she will be bringing to her shop!





Tuesday Treasure: Wire Wrapped and Beaded Gems

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

One of our newest team members, Karine Hanot, has created a brand new Etsy shop, KarineJewelry, with exquisite wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry pieces. She selects stunning gemstones, and then creates lovely settings for them with intricate wire wrap. In addition, she has some simpler beaded pieces in her shop that are worth checking out. We can’t wait to see her new listings as she builds up her shop inventory. Come check out the beautiful jewelry in Karine’s shop today!




Tuesday Treasure: Vintage Milk Glass Spice Jars

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

You can easily get lost on Etsy browsing through the vintage finds from an endless variety of shops. But be sure you set aside time for browsing through Elise’s Charleston, South Carolina shop – VintageCarolina. The sheer variety of finds in this shop will keep you coming back for more. Below are just a few treasures we found while browsing – the vintage spice jars are today’s treasure, but we felt compelled to include a few others:

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Milk Glass Spice Jars Vintage

VintageCarolina Vintage Earrings

VintageCarolina Rhinestone Earrings

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

VintageCarolina Mimi Di N Shell Belt Buckles

Tuesday Treasure: Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Chainmaille jewelry is time consuming to create, and can be spectacular in design. Styles range from folk to bohemian to gothic, and are only limited by the imagination of the chainmaille artist. The chainmaille jewelry and ornaments at DoBatsEatCats on Etsy are out-of-the-box creative finds. The Octopus necklace below is a particularly awesome treasure, but we’ve included a few other items from this shop – including some non-chainmaille earrings – to whet your appetite:


Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille by DoBatsEatCats

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

Tuesday Treasure: Rainbow Felt Necklace

Come to the BeedABoo shop on Etsy to find handmade creations that are a true delight! The shop owner makes her own beautiful beads, and her jewelry creations range from classic to playful. Come check it out!


BeedABoo Felt Jewelry

Trending Monday: Upcycle, Recycle, Repurpose

Upcycle Recycle Repurpose

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

JudysDesigns Fold Formed Metalwork Earrings

JudysDesigns – Fold Formed Metalwork Earrings

We are living in an era of repurposing. It’s not just because of the Great Recession, theories about global warming, or fears about scarce resources. There is a new level of creativity on the rise that helps us see the things around us with new eyes – and to see our own power to create something completely new.

This creative urge has fueled the DIY and Maker movements – and it also fuels many artisans on Etsy. A number of DTeam shops feature upcycled, recycled or repurposed materials. Here are just a few:

Judy at JudysDesigns notes that many of the metalwork pieces she uses for her jewelry are from found metals. The thick wire is from a spool found in a car given to her husband for scrap. The sheet metal is from leftover home improvement projects, and the aluminum hoop earrings are cut from leftover sections of airplane strut material.

WhatsInGrampasShack Painted Slate Cardinal

WhatsInGrampasShack – Painted Slate with Cardinal

Colleen at WhatsInGrampasShack notes that all of the slates she uses for painted home accessories were at one time on a church roof in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. What a lovely example of recycling, repurposing and upcycling!

And finally, Lisa from LovinTheGoodOleDays upcycles clothing in her fashion creations. She adds bling to tank tops, and repurposes sweaters into beautiful dresses, skirts and other creations.

Button Love Upcycled Tank

Upcycled Women’s Tank Top from LovinTheGoodOleDays

Each of these artists is using the materials around her to create something new, something that brings a fresh perspective into the world in the form of usable, functional artwork.

Tuesday Treasure: Bullet Jewelry

Whether you love guns and ammo, or just enjoy a great up-cycled piece of wearable art – you can find what you’re looking for at ShellsNStuff on Etsy. This shop features classy jewelry – simple, but extraordinary. This 40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace is just one of many treasures you can find at ShellsNStuff!

TuesTreasure 2014-10-07

40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace by ShellsNStuff

Monday a la Mode: Pantone 2014 Fall Color Lineup

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

I don’t always love all of the Pantone seasonal colors, but Fall 2014 is a fantastic line-up. No matter what 2-3 colors you use in a mash-up, the combination is really quite lovely. Here I have settled on Mauve Mist, Radiant Orchid and Aluminum, and again I’m very satisfied with the result.


Check out these lovely items from some of the DTeam’s new member shops. Click to see each item in the shop, and please browse around for other great selections!

Pantone Aluminum AllThingsArtistic7

Statement Necklace from AllThingsArtistic7



Pantone MyJewelry14

Boho fringe earrings from MyJewelry14


Pantone LadyLibelula

Crochet slouchy hat from LadyLibelula






















Visit Pantone online for more information about how to mix and match the colors.

Talk to us: Will any of these Pantone colors be your special go-to colors for the season? If you’re a crafter or a shop owner – tell us what you’ve made in these colors!

Tuesday Treasure: Neon Bracelet

Visit PurpleCatShop for bright jewelry that is so yummy-looking, it looks good enough to eat! Many of the finds in this shop are handmade with polymer clay. From rainbow cake rings to chocolate chip cookie earrings, PurpleCatShop has it all! Featured here is a neon beaded bracelet that will brighten up the cloudiest Autumn day!


Tuesday Treasure: Mint Green Enameled Earrings from JudysDesigns

Judy from JudysDesigns has come out with new enameled earrings this winter. I think my favorites are these green ones, although I also spotted red, butterscotch, orange, yellow, and blue.

Mint green enameled earrings by JudysDesigns

Mint green enameled earrings by JudysDesigns

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