Tuesday Treasure: Firefighter turned jeweler

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

This week’s Tuesday Treasure brings us sleek, unique jewelry designs. Andrea, owner of AssortedAdornments on Etsy, left her career as a firefighter to care for her daughter, who needed a life-saving liver transplant. While her shop is relatively new, it already has the hallmarks of a successful Etsy shop: Clean, appealing photographs, a compelling back-story, and unusual jewelry that makes you take notice – not easy in Etsy’s crowded jewelry marketplace. Andrea combines up-cycled vintage components with contemporary elements and, in many of her pieces, creative wire-wrapping.

You can find Andrea on Pinterest (asstdadornments) or Twitter (asstdadornments) – and she might even give you a discount code if you look her up there.

Below are three of the designs that struck our fancy – but take a look through her shop and you’ll find that no two pieces are alike. Each item is a new discovery!

AssortedAdornments 2

AssortedAdornments 3


Tuesday Treasure: Crisp Graphic Designs

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

There are countless reasons to browse Etsy’s PaperMarkCreative shop. To list just a few: (1) You want to memorialize an adorable phrase from your toddler in a piece of art for her bedroom; (2) You are celebrating a special someone’s milestone birthday, and are creating the perfect artistic poster for the event; (3) You want to frame your favorite inspirational quote for your office to keep you going on those crunch days; or (4) You are looking for a logo or a new look for your latest product, blog or storefront.

Meredith Nawrocki’s creations are sophisticated, clean and bright – check out her shop or send her a convo to see if she can help you with your latest graphic arts needs! And if you need a touch of summer to help you celebrate the season ahead, here are just a few designs from PaperMarkCreative to get you started:




Tuesday Treasure: Custom wood frames and more

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

For beautiful rustic, natural and hand-painted wood frames, look no further than Ryan Schaeffer’s new Etsy shop, Schaeffer Fine Arts and Crafts.  Here you will find a variety of stained or unstained wood frames, as well as hand-painted frames in various styles. Ryan will custom-paint a frame just for your needs. But frames are not all you will find in this shop. You can also browse the shop for Ryan’s unique,  artistic creations. Many are whimsical, and all are one of a kind. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to enjoy the offerings in this new Etsy shop!




Tuesday Treasure: Quilled Paper Creations

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Come to NorthStarPapercraft for some delightful discoveries. Learn a thing or two about fabulous art that can be created with paper. The shop owner and designer, Fiona Payne, specializes in “quilling,” or “paper filligree.” This is a painstaking process using strips of colored paper to create swirls of all sizes, resulting in designs that can be as simple as a delicate pair of earrings or as complex as an intricate scene that can be framed and hung on the wall. Below are just a few of the surprises you’ll find in Fiona’s shop. Check out her Facebook page, too, to track her works in progress!




Tuesday Treasure: Unique Finds from UrbanMommyBoutique

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

This week’s Tuesday Treasures come from UrbanMommyBoutique, a shop with unique gift ideas for women and kids. This shop specializes in fabric and paint creations, and its owner, Sunny, welcomes custom requests. Come take a look around!

In the meantime, enjoy a few treasures from this shop – including its most popular item below – custom mermaid wall art that speaks to those of us who enjoy the depths more than the shallow waters. Also featured here are lovely chic daisy headbands, and baby swaddle wraps – pick your own colors!




Tuesday Treasure: Spring Knits from MollyandBuggs

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

The DTeam welcomes a new member from Canada, MK Girl, whose shop contains lovely hand-crocheted and knitted accessories for winter, including snow boots, snuggly hats, and other functional and attractive items for children and adults. However, you will also come across unique spring finds in this shop. As the warmer weather ahead beckons, so do the handmade treasures from this Etsy shop.

Below are a few we find especially appealing, from a flower headband to a woolly lamb hat (who can resist that face? It’s the Chinese Year of the Sheep, after all!) We encourage you to browse MollyandBuggs for more adorable creations.





Featured Customer of the Week – Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads

What a nice feature on ElephantBeads in the UnkamenSupplies newsletter!

Unkamen Supplies Blog

This week we are featuring Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads! Molly makes fun and colorful beaded jewelry that is certain to tickle anybody’s fancy! Check out her story:Elephant Beads“I have a career that focuses on practical, real-world, corporate solutions – and I love the work I do. I also have a lifelong interest in creating things with my hands. My best teachers were my grandmothers – one taught me to work with yarn, crocheting and knitting, and the other taught me to work with paint, and the fine points of color composition. Though my weekday hours are spent in the corporate world, I have kept my grandmothers’ artistic influence alive throughout the years.

Most recently, I have embraced beading and beadwork. Threading beads on a string or a wire or weaving them into a mini-tapestry is like playing with magic. My shop was born in 2010 because my stash of…

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Tuesday Treasure: Enameled Metal Valentine Hearts

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

It is time to start seriously shopping for Valentine’s Day, and there’s a DTeam shop we highly recommend: JudysDesigns!

Judy has mastered the enameled metalwork heart necklace this year, and even presents it in Pantone’s color of the year: Marsala. This is a red that satisfies and fulfills – it is mature, like a good wine. Perfect for showing your love this Valentine season! And for all the other days of the year, browse Judy’s shop for that perfect metal, bead, or boho chic accessory!

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace1

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace2

JudysDesigns Heart Necklace3

JudysDesigns Copper Earrings

Tuesday Treasure: Gemstone Creations

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Sue Mellem at BeadStormJewellery eventually left her career in healthcare to focus full time on creating the beautiful pieces in her Etsy shop. She uses metals and gemstones to create beautiful little color portraits that you can wear! We’ve chosen a few to share – come to her shop to find whatever color you might be craving:



2015 Fashion Trends – For Inspiration

By Lisa Haley, LovinTheGoodOleDays

In my virtual travels over the holidays I came across some information on 2015 trends that may affect your Etsy shop or your shopping habits. These came from Yahoo, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar – other good resources are linked below.2015 Fashion Trends

  • Bohemian
  • Gingham
  • Mismatched earrings (remember those from the 80s?)
  • White lace
  • Suede
  • Platform shoes
  • Flared pants
  • Needlepoint (including cross stitch…quotes, graphics, personalization)
  • Berets
  • Navy and military green
  • Karate-style wrap belts
  • Bold florals
  • The 70s (both colors and styles)
  • …And don’t forget the “it” color is Marsala, though blues are expected to be big for home decor

Want to do your own research for further inspiration? Here are some places to start:

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