Tuesday Treasure: Glorious Beaded Jewelry

by Molly Kimball, elephantbeads

Glory of Jewels, one of Etsy’s newer shops, features handcrafted beaded jewelry by artist and shop owner, Sabrina Washington. Sabrina’s work is colorful, creative, and truly glorious. Many of her offerings include necklace with matching earrings, which is helpful when you are looking for the jewelry that perfectly matches a particular outfit.

As with many Etsy artisans, Sabrina was encouraged to open her shop by friends and family who had been enjoying her creations. Now she is making them available to all of us, and we look forward to seeing what new items she will be bringing to her shop!





Tuesday Treasure: Wire Wrapped and Beaded Gems

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

One of our newest team members, Karine Hanot, has created a brand new Etsy shop, KarineJewelry, with exquisite wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry pieces. She selects stunning gemstones, and then creates lovely settings for them with intricate wire wrap. In addition, she has some simpler beaded pieces in her shop that are worth checking out. We can’t wait to see her new listings as she builds up her shop inventory. Come check out the beautiful jewelry in Karine’s shop today!




Tuesday Treasure: Handcrafted and Recycled Gems


Visit Etsy’s GlossyPapierRecy shop for handcrafted treasures in many mediums: primarily paper and paint. All are created by Martha MacDonald, the shop’s owner and designer. The lovely and unique creations in this shop range from decorative bowls to ceramic and beaded jewelry. All are fabulously colorful and creative! Here are just a few treasures from Martha’s shop – you’ll have to stop by to see more!




Tuesday Treasure: Vintage Collectibles from SecondImpulse

By Molly Kimball, ElephantBeads

The vintage collectibles in Etsy’s SecondImpulse shop were collected with devotion by shop owner Harriet, but she is now ready to part with them one by one. She takes pleasure in knowing that each treasure finds a new home and creates happiness in a new life – which is one of the wonderful things about vintage items.  We have selected just a few of our favorites – but there are many more, and it is worth a visit to see what you might find!

Vintage German Lady Figure Lamp Base 1920s

Sterling Silver Vintage Enamel Flower Pendant

Vintage Footed Amber Glass Dish



Tuesday Treasure: Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Chainmaille jewelry is time consuming to create, and can be spectacular in design. Styles range from folk to bohemian to gothic, and are only limited by the imagination of the chainmaille artist. The chainmaille jewelry and ornaments at DoBatsEatCats on Etsy are out-of-the-box creative finds. The Octopus necklace below is a particularly awesome treasure, but we’ve included a few other items from this shop – including some non-chainmaille earrings – to whet your appetite:


Octopus Necklace in Chainmaille by DoBatsEatCats

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Chainmaille Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

DoBatsEatCats Gothic Cross Earrings

Tuesday Treasure: Druzy Wedding Necklace

Every wedding is unique. The bride and groom shape the day according to their vision, dreams and goals, as their wedding launches a lifetime together. For the bride who loves natural, organic stone and clean, simple lines, browsing through JessicasBridal will be a pleasure. The Galaxy Druzy necklace below is just one example of what she will find. In fact, these lovely pieces are not just for brides. Check out Jessica’s fabulous creations today!


Tuesday Treasure: Rainbow Felt Necklace

Come to the BeedABoo shop on Etsy to find handmade creations that are a true delight! The shop owner makes her own beautiful beads, and her jewelry creations range from classic to playful. Come check it out!


BeedABoo Felt Jewelry

Tuesday Treasure: Rainbow Bangle from Crystal Cat

This week’s treasure is a rainbow needle felted bangle from Crystalcat1989:

Rainbow Needle Felted Bangle by Crystalcat1989

Rainbow Needle Felted Bangle by Crystalcat1989

Tuesday Treasure: Copper Spiral Earrings from GoddessDay

Copper Spiral Earrings by GoddessDay

Copper Spiral Earrings by GoddessDay

Friday Feature: SassyBelleWares

Today we are visiting with Stephanie, from SassyBelleWares:

I started my shop about a year after I discovered and fell in love with Etsy. I did quite a bit of shopping on Etsy first and eventually decided to try my hand at selling. I love that on Etsy shoppers have a one stop place for buying so many unique pieces.

Y'All Southern Saying Stretch Bracelet in Copper Colors

Y’All Southern Saying Stretch Bracelet in Copper Colors from SassyBelleWares

Etsy makes it so easy to sit down with a list of gifts I need to buy and check off everyone on that list in one “shopping trip”! I also love that shopping on Etsy means I am supporting small business owners.


Men's Lava Rock Bracelet with Guitar

Men’s Guitar with Natural Rustic Red Lava Rock Stretch Stack Bracelet

I have a range of styles in my shop for women and have recently added a Men’s section. At SassyBelleWares you can find simple, edgy, and whimsical all in one spot! I put together accessories in hope that they will make the wearer smile whenever they have them on. SassyBelleWares has a little bit of everything and a lot of sass!

Rhinestone Dolphin Stretch Bracelet

Rhinestone Dolphin Stretch Bracelet

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