Tips for Etsy Sellers

Getting Started on Etsy

Seven Steps to a Successful Start on Etsy: Covers the basics, like choosing a shop name – but also has helpful reminders for seasoned sellers.

Ten Real Tips for Selling on Etsy: This blog entry by Handmadeology is really a link library and covers almost everything you’d want to know!

Getting Started on Etsy: The Crafty Entrepreneur’s Guide: Covers such basics as “how many items should I have in my shop?” and “How do I price things?”

Useful Etsy Places

Etsy Seller Handbook: Etsy Admins answer your most basic questions

Etsy Forums: Etsy’s message boards and discussions

Etsy Announcements: Part of the Forums, Etsy Admin announces changes to Etsy here

Etsy Teams: Find groups of like-minded sellers and location-based seller groups (once you join teams, you can find the teams you belong to here)

Etsy Apps: Helpful additions to your Etsy shop from developers

Etsy Email Newsletters: Sign up for email notifications and newsletters from Etsy

Etsy Treasury: Create and view collections of Etsy items (you can also create a new treasury and see the treasuries you have created here). See treasuries you are in by searching Treasury for shop:YourShopName.

Etsy Prototypes: Test Etsy features that are still under construction

Special Offers for Etsy Sellers

Managing Your Etsy Shop

Etsypreneur: Tons of tips & tricks for Etsy sellers

Indie Made: A plethora of articles on running a small businesss

Sharing your Etsy Shop Address

Auto Renew Items: Statsy’s Clockbot (be sure and check out all the other cool features of Statsy, including tracking views)

A Quick Overview of Taxes for Etsy Sellers

Forecasting Holiday Sales

Shop Stats: Analytics & Tracking

Etsy has Shop Stats for each page, so be sure to check those out for your shop. Here are some additional tools you might find useful.

Setting up Google Analytics (an Etsy tutorial)

Track shop hearts & views:



Add a survey to PayPal Checkout: Read a how-to from SassyBelleWares

How to set up Google Alerts

Social Mention: Find out if people are talking about you online (Tip: if your shop name is more than 1 word, use quote marks around it)

Calculate the value of your shop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO and how to use it to gain sales: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Backlinks: A simple overview

Backlinks: What they are and why they are important

SEO in pictures

Etsy SEO Myth Busting (from Etsy)

Craft Shows

A collection of craft show tips and advice

Trunk Shows: An Overview

Creating Your Own Website

10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

Growing your Etsy shop into an Empire


TinEye: checks the Internet for particular images. Use if you suspect that your photos have been stolen.

What to do if your Copyright is Stolen

Guidelines for Products with Labels Regulated by the U.S. Government

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and the following is not intended as legal advice.

Children’s Products

Children’s products are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

General info on the CPSIA (official website) with FAQ and links to more detailed info

Etsy Forum discussion with more links & info on the CPSIA

Textile Products

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates labeling of textile (fabric) and wool products.

FTC Label Requirements


Suggested Item Tag Order

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Special Feature
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Shop Name
Etsy Team Tag
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