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Copyright & Trademark Issues: An excellent overview on the Etsy Blog of why you should avoid using copyrighted and/or trademarked words or images in your listings.

Item Titles

Headline Analyzer: This tool will analyze your headlines (item titles) for emotional marketing value.

Writing Item Descriptions

Writing Item Descriptions: An Etsy Worksheet (PDF)

20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking

Convert length (inches to centimeters and vice versa)

Defining Etsy Styles

Tagging Items

Suggested Tags

adapted from Tools4Etsy via HeartstringsByJanice

What is it (Category)
Special Feature
Special Feature
Descriptive Words
Shop Name (optional)
Etsy Team Tag
Location (optional)
Ship International
International spelling (Non-US)


Etsy Photography Made Easy

Making a Homemade Light Box: Tip: I’ve made 2 lightboxes based on this design now and I highly recommend using white polyester lining cloth (meant to line the inside of suit jackets) for the sides. Tissue paper had a blue cast and was very fragile. The cloth is much more durable, and I was able to pick one with the color cast I wanted.

The 50 Cent Lightbox: Hint: You need a well-lit, reflective space in your home

Jewelry Photography Tips

How To Photograph Almost Anything

Take gorgeous photos using kitchen supplies

Using a scanner to photograph jewelry: I haven’t tried this myself, but it sounds like it might work very nicely.

Use a smartphone for photography

Use the Golden Mean in layout: Good for both photographs and business cards

Adjusting Color: White balance, color temperature, and more


Pricing formula #1 (most applicable to all handmade artisans)

Pricing formula #2 (geared towards jewelry designers but useful for everyone)

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