Featured Customer of the Week – Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads

What a nice feature on ElephantBeads in the UnkamenSupplies newsletter!

Unkamen Supplies Blog

This week we are featuring Molly Kimball of ElephantBeads! Molly makes fun and colorful beaded jewelry that is certain to tickle anybody’s fancy! Check out her story:Elephant Beads“I have a career that focuses on practical, real-world, corporate solutions – and I love the work I do. I also have a lifelong interest in creating things with my hands. My best teachers were my grandmothers – one taught me to work with yarn, crocheting and knitting, and the other taught me to work with paint, and the fine points of color composition. Though my weekday hours are spent in the corporate world, I have kept my grandmothers’ artistic influence alive throughout the years.

Most recently, I have embraced beading and beadwork. Threading beads on a string or a wire or weaving them into a mini-tapestry is like playing with magic. My shop was born in 2010 because my stash of…

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