KEEP: Getting Started as a Seller

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

With the introduction of a universal shopping cart, Keep has made it essential that sellers get plugged in. Here is the good news: if you have an Etsy shop, it is VERY easy. Before getting started as a seller on Keep, you might want to take this occasion to spruce up your photographs. KEEP2If you browse through Keep, you’ll notice the photographs are crisp, bright and stylish. If you’ve been putting off working on your own photos, now might be the time to work on them. There is no need to update all of your listings at once. Choose your brightest, crispest listings for Keep, and upgrade additional listings as you go.

Are you ready to sell on Keep? Here are the four easy steps to get started:

  1. Review Keep’s retailer guidelines first. Does your store qualify? If you sell on Etsy, it probably does
  2. Sign up for Keep. I used my shop name in the first name field, but some Etsy shop owners use their own name.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, add the “Keep It” button to your browser.
  4. Browse to an item in your shop, and click the “Keep It” button.
    • Choose a category for your item – you can create new categories as you go. Create categories that match the items in your shop.
    • Your item description from Etsy will automatically be included with your Keep – but if you want to add any comments or tag words, you may do so.

It’s that easy! Your shop listing is now available for purchase on Keep.

Your next step will be to promote your item. The DTeam has team threads where we promote each other’s Keeps. Come on over and begin promoting!

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  1. Great post and using keep is easy. It’s a great tool to use and those links leading to your shop are fabulous!



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