Monday a la Mode: Casual Layers


By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Casual layers are really trending in autumn 2014, and ALMOST anything goes. Just keep in mind a few tips, and you can’t miss:

1. Patterns – You can mix patterns to your heart’s content, but try to stick to similar color tones. This bright look sported by Clarabelle would work beautifully for fall, and shows how two boldly-colored patterns can work well together:



2. Tails: Show those under-layers! This is a continuing trend, and one that is very flattering on all body types, as this example from Simply Marlena reveals. Click on the image for two other lovely layered effects:

3. Mix Up the Top Layer: As you can see from each of the examples below – from CafeMom, SeeAnnaJane and LarimeLoom’s Etsy shop, the top layer can vary from a sweatshirt to a fine knit. All look great!

ThreeLayersTalk to us: Do you have any favorite layering pieces, or layering techniques? Tell us what they are!


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  1. Great tips! I truly love fashion and this time of the year.

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