Monday a la Mode: Workplace Trends, Autumn 2014


By M Kimball – ElephantBeads

With the holiday season fast approaching, we are re-launching Fashion Monday with a refreshed look and a broader scope. With “Monday a la Mode” you can expect to greet each Monday with a fresh, on-trend perspective. We will broaden our focus to include trending items that can be found on Etsy: not just fashion but home decor, kids’ wear, bed and bath, DIY.

This week, as we celebrate Labor Day in the United States, we share three trends in workplace fashion. Interestingly, with the world around us in chaos, we see fashion trends going “back to basics.”

  1. Classic colors are IN! Black, white and light neutrals feature prominently in Fall 2014 fashions. The old adage that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? It no longer applies. Whether your workplace style is corporate or casual, the basics are what’s trending.
  2. Light layers are classy and comfortable. Cardigans, scarves, light blazers add interest.
  3. Big jewelry is the perfect way to offset the basic colors and simple looks. Whether you select a statement pendant, a cocktail ring, or hammered metal earrings, consider going a little BIGGER this Fall.

Here are some Etsy finds that reflect these workplace trends:


This pale peach scarf can add interesting texture and a bit of warmth to a workplace outfit, whether corporate or casual – available from CrystalCat1989.


Autumn neutrals are workplace-appropriate in this upcycled, designer dress by Lovin’ The Good Old Days.


Textured, hammered copper earrings from Judys Designs will warm up any outfit this Autumn!

Here are a few other quick reads if you’re looking to liven up your autumn look for 2014:


The Muse: 8 Workplace Style Bloggers We Love



Refinery29: Fall Wardrobe 30 Essential Buys

Talk to us: What will you be wearing to work this Fall? Do you work at home? What works best for your productivity: Jammies or Jazzed-up?

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  1. Wonderful post. Thanks a million for featuring my earrings. I’m excited to plan for fall and your fashion tips will help.

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  2. Thank you for choosing my sweater skirt to feature. If I were still teaching I would definitely wear this to work. It really is as cozy as it looks….Now that I work from home I don’t have much occasion to get dressed up, but I find I am more productive and take myself more seriously if I get a shower bright and early and get dressed in something presentable, rather that hanging out in my jammies or not-to-be-seen out of the home way too comfy clothes. Slouchy attire leads to slouchy attitude, at least I find that true for me.

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  3. Now that I have my own office I have to think more about what Im wearing.. but for me a definite is earrings.. all my earrings are playful ones, whimsical or just big.. I like to have fun with them even if Im not wearing make up 🙂

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