Teaching Thursday: Improving Listing Titles

This week’s Teaching Thursday comes to us from Molly of ElephantBeads:

1. Go to your “Stats” page and select “last 12 months.” Look to see which keywords rank highest. These are the search terms that brought potential customers to your shop. (For example. I see “crochet wire,” “wire crochet,” and “crochet jewelry” among my top 15 or so keywords. “Crocheted necklace” appears, but it’s way down the list).

2. Now look at your shop sections and see if you can use any of those search terms as category names. (I already had a section called “Crochet Wire Jewelry”.)

3. Next, look at your “Shop Title” (you can edit it by selecting “Info and Appearance” from the top drop-down menu). Can you use any of those popular keywords in your shop title? (For example, I had “Crocheted and beaded jewelry” as my shop title – so I changed that to “Wire crochet and beaded jewelry.”

3. Finally, edit as many of your items as you can, using those key words as tags and in titles.

4. Sit back and see if your shop views go up!!

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