Teaching Thursday: Finding Custom Orders

I have had some good luck in finding custom orders on Etsy, and most of my local business is also custom orders, so I wanted to share with you today a few ways I have found to get custom orders.

  1. For local orders, I make sure I always carry business cards with me. I don’t push them on people, but if my business comes up, then I always offer a card. If the other person seems interested, I mention that I take custom orders. My business cards also have a tiny tassel attached, to show what I can do.
  2. Make sure you have custom orders turned on in your Etsy shop. This turns on the Request Custom Order button on the front page of your shop. To turn this on go to Your Shop (click your shop name at the right top of any Etsy page). Then, in the left sidebar, under Shop Settings, click Options. On the Shop Options page, scroll down until you see Request Custom Order and enable it.
  3. For individual listings that you could make again and customize, enable Request Custom Order when setting up the listing. It’s a checkbox towards the top of the page.
  4. Join the Custom Order Corner – The New Alchemy team on Etsy. People looking for things will put in requests and then you can convo them with a proposal.

Good luck finding custom orders and increasing your business!

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  1. Thanks for the custom order information. I have received a few custom orders lately and enjoy it and would like more. I’m going to check into joining the Custom Order Corner team.



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