Teaching Thursday: How to describe your items

So last week, we talked about how to find out what people want to buy. This week, let’s talk about getting buyers to find your items. The biggest tool a seller has for getting their items found is item descriptions.

The big trick with item descriptions is writing an accurate description that makes people want to buy your item. Oh, that’s easy, you think. Not so fast. You are too close to your item — have you really thought about how someone who’s never seen it might regard it?

Etsy has some excellent tools for helping sellers write descriptions, including a how-to and a worksheet (PDF).

From the how-to:

Don’t assume that the qualities of your item are obvious to your customer or that your photos say it all. (I have seen more than one item that I couldn’t even figure out what the item WAS!). You might even consider describing your item as if you had no pictures for your customer to look at. Really make them feel like they are right there with your item.

So get thinking about your items, and write those descriptions!

Thanks to DTeam member TheGoodOleDays for bringing these Etsy tools to my attention!

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  1. Good topic. Right on target. I know when I’m writing my descriptions I try to think of any questions the buyer may have; size (measurements), colors(s), even suggestions for use. You never know what may be the selling point for certain items. And always make sure your description has words that are in the title and tags.


  2. Good points raised here. I’m always amazed at people who don’t think to include dimensions. I think I probably go overboard with my descriptions, but I’d rather give too much rather than too little information.


  3. This is great advice. It’s a great idea to go back to old listings and revisit the descriptions. Sometimes I’m amazed at the details I left out! Another tip I’ve heard is to vary the descriptions. Even if you have a lot of similar items, try not to cut and paste the same verbiage with just a few word changes. Apparently that can reduce your SEO (search engine optimization) – in other words, Google ranks the items a little lower.



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