Teaching Thursday: Setting Up an Etsy Shop by Miss Tan

Miss Tan is guest posting again for us today, with some things to consider before opening your Etsy shop. I think these are useful tips even for established shop owners.
3 Things to Think About Before Opening an Etsy Shop
You want to open an Etsy Shop. Yes, that’s exciting. Now, what’s next in that process? I had that same question, but I didn’t have the answer. So I just opened up a shop and was trying to figure out on my own. Now looking back on it, there are things I could have done early to ease my early struggles with my Etsy Shop. Here are three things that I should have done before opening an Etsy shop.
1. Make Your Focus Narrow.
Don’t try and do everything at once. Figure out what you want to sell and narrow your focus. For example, instead of selling several different types of greeting cards, try focusing on just funny cards.
2. Do Extensive Research.
Read up on everything there is to know about starting a shop on Etsy. Learn about everything from shipping to SEO. Use Google and Etsy forums to find information and ask questions. This gets you off to a good start.
3. Invest Your Money Wisely.
Have a budget. Know how much you are willing to invest. Make a plan on how you use your money on supplies, promotion, and shipping. This will help you not to overspend.
These three things can help you before you open a shop on Etsy. Remember it still takes hard work and patience when dealing with an online store. These three things can help you have a wonderful shop.
Miss Tan from MissTanDesigns.com
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