Teaching Thursday: The Wonders Of SEO by Miss Tan

Note: Today, we are reading an article on SEO by Miss Tan from MissTanDesigns of the Etsy DListers.

Definition: SEO or search engine optimization is using keywords and phrases to get your online shop or website noticed on search engines.

It sounds simple, and is it. I have had an Etsy shop for three years now and am still mystified by SEO. So, what is SEO? For years, I have searched for the answer to this recent age-old question. I would obsessively read pages of content only to leave scratching my head thinking, what are they talking about? Forums, Etsy groups, and other Etsy sellers tried to help me and I just did not get it. For a while, I thought I would never be found amongst the numerous Etsy shops. I figured I would stick to adding more products to my shop and see if that works. It didn’t.
So last fall, I had a change of heart. Maybe I should go back to this SEO thing. I was cruising through the Etsy forums one day and found numerous questions about SEO. As I perused through each question’s responses, I was getting nothing.  I kept looking and then started to write down what people were suggesting. And this is what I got: put keywords in your titles, repeat those keywords in your tags, and in your descriptions and your views and sales will go up. I thought, “It can’t be that simple.” Yet, it was!
For example, I looked at a particular greeting card I was selling. I would write down every word that I could associate with that card from the design to color. Is the card funny, romantic, sexy, adult, red, has hearts, etc.? I would put those in the title as two or three keyword phrases because most shoppers will look for it like this, i.e. valentine card. Then I would repeat some of them in my description and filled out all 13 tags with these keywords as well. Finally, I would just wait to see if it worked. Guess what? It did!
My views tripled and my sales doubled. I had the best Holiday season ever in 2013. With Valentine’s Day coming, my views are even higher. I never thought SEO could be that simple.
Remember, repeat keywords in title, description, and tags to see an improvement in stats. Plus, read 4 Ways to Improve Your SEO and Increase Traffic.
Good Luck!
 Miss Tan from MissTanDesigns
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  1. Nice article, Miss Tan. It cleared up some things and gave me some new info. SEO has always been a mystery to me. Thanks!


  2. I’m still trying to figure out the new SEO algorithm. It can be frustrating, but I’m going to stick with it. Tweeking works.

    Miss Tan


  3. Fetesha Downs

     /  January 25, 2014

    I adore SEO. It’ll also help with your Google search placement, in terms of local organic search. Keywords are definitely our friends anywhere online.


  4. Miss Tan – Thanks for sharing your experience with SEO. It gives me confidence to go back in there and try to improve my own SEO hits!



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