Wednesday Chat

What’s on your mind today? Anything special happen with your business this past week? Chat away in the comments.

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  1. I just made it to 130 sales. SEO does work. BTW, love the blog.


  2. Michelle

     /  January 22, 2014

    Just working away this week. I had a long weekend from work so I got four piggy banks that will soon be listed in the shop completed and about 20 other pieces on their way to consignment shops 🙂 Really starting to expand inventory and working a definite studio schedule into my routine.

    Not a lot happening on the order front other than negotiating on a couple of custom orders.


  3. Loving the blog posts. I took pictures of more enamel pieces and listed one. More to edit then I’m working on trying to complete a wholesale order. I wish I worked faster but then, most of mine are from sheet metal so it takes time. LOL


  4. I have had another custom metal order this week — waiting on my metal order to get started.


  5. I’m weaving a textured men’s ring in black and copper seed beads. The black beads are a little bigger, so it has a neat texture. Judys – can’t wait to see your new enameled pieces!



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