Friday Feature: WhatsInGrampasShack?

Note: Today we are visiting with Colleen from What’s In Grampa’s Shack? on Etsy
For about 20 years Roger and I have made things for craft shows. Painted slate, painted wooden anchors and at one time, painted oars.

Hand Painted Slate Crowing Rooster

Hand Painted Slate Crowing Rooster

As retirement grew closer, we wanted to slow down our craft show schedule but we weren’t sure how to go about it. Then we heard about Etsy. We checked into it and found it to be a promising way to continue to make and sell our crafts without physically taking everything to a show. We still do some shows, but not the 25 a year that we used to do. I love the craft show atmosphere and would never want to give them up entirely, but slowing down is nice. Etsy has been good for us. We have only been here for a year or so and we haven’t sold all that much, but we’ve learned a lot that will help us sell more as we go along. It’s a process.

Miniature Painting Hummingbird

Miniature Painting Hummingbird

I am a very visual person and Roger is an idea person, so that makes us a good team. My inspiration for what I paint or make is mainly nature and color. If I see something that I just have to paint while I’m driving, I’ll pull off the road and take pictures. It can be just about anything. An old gnarled tree, a cow, flowers, an old barn, anything nostalgic or just plain beautiful. We love what we do and we’re happy to be a part of Etsy.

Painted Birdhouse Gourd

Painted Birdhouse Gourd

Be sure and visit Grampa’s Shack!

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  1. I love the rooster slate!



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