Friday Feature: Introvert Creations

Today we are going to go visit with Faith, from Introvert Creations. Let’s see what she has to say about her shop:

Growing up with a mother who could form words into poems and lines into art, and a father who could transform wood into furniture, I was bound to get bitten by the creative bug.

Pink Floral Flannel Washcloths for Baby from Introvert Creations

Flannel Washcloths for Baby

As I grew, I noticed my hobbies reflected the desire to create: knitting, crocheting, and sewing all allowed me to take beautiful materials and transform them into functional pieces.

When my daughter was born in late 2010 and my work commitments outside the home decreased, I found myself crafting with others in mind. In May 2011 I opened my Etsy shop. It reflects my current passions, and I have found great joy connecting with others.

It’s natural for my day-to-day life to be reflected in my shop. We chose to cloth diaper our daughter, so it was only natural, when I opened my shop, to stock it with wool diaper covers, flannel diaper wipes, and Big Butt Baby Pants.

As she grew, particularly as she became mobile and started speaking, I found myself jotting down memories I didn’t want to forget. This is when the memory book came to fruition.

Spiral Bound Memory Book for Baby's First Year from Introvert Creations

Memory Book for Baby’s First Year

And now as she is finding her own ways to explore creativity, I’ve enjoyed stocking my shop with items she also loves: upcycled notebooks filled with blank paper to let children (and adults!) draw or write, filling them with artwork and stories. The fact that they are giving a new lease on life to VHS and food boxes is a bonus as well.

Of course, there are also my reversible project bags. My shop may allow less time to knit, but it is still a passion of mine, and every knitter or crocheter needs bags in various sizes for projects. My friend designed the original small project bag, which I adapted to become reversible. When customers regularly started asking for a larger option, I went through some trial and error to figure out how best to enlarge the pattern to suit a project as large as a sweater.

Large Blue Knitting Bag with Wristlet from Introvert Creations

Large Knitting Bag with Wristlet

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