Spring Shared Story

The Etsy DListers have written a shared story for your reading enjoyment. It all started with this sentence:

Lucy ran down the hill to the creek as fast as she could.

She knew the water would be glistening in the sun, and the sparkles always made her smile.

She knelt at the edge of the water and watched the little minnows swim by and tossing bread crumbs on the water’s surface so they would come up to feed.

There were dragonflies dancing above the water which drew her eye to the other other side of the creek.

The cows were grazing lazily in the field.

And a bumble bee was buzzing around a group of red flowers. Afraid of bees, Lucy moved behind a tree to watch.

Above her head a bird flew from the tree, a feather floated gently down towards her.

And landed on her new dress.

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  1. What a cute little story. Well done everyone. Clever,Captain.



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