MUSTS when opening an Etsy shop – Part 2

By Angee Perry from ABitCreativeAMP ♥♥♥

Below is a snapshot of a shop “Info and Appearance” page on Etsy. My tips, below, will walk you through the components of this page. This example is provided courtesy of Molly Kimball fromElephantBeads.


– Choose a shop name and be consistent – use it across the internet to help “brand” yourself so that people recognize you (Facebook, Twitter, StumbeUpon, Wanelo, Pinterest to name a few).

– Your shop title is as important as your shop name. It should not be the same as your shop name. Use this space to describe what types of things you sell within your shop. The information you enter here will be what shows in the web browser tab when people are visiting your shop and effect how your shop homepage will appear in Google search results – more specifically the text that links to your shop. It will also show under your shop name when people are viewing one of your listings.

– Have a shop banner image. Visit to make a simple generic banner to start with if you don’t have a program to make one for now. You can also search on Etsy for custom shop sets to see what is available for you. The banner can be a .JPG .GIF or .PNG and is 760 pixels x 100 pixels. The file size cannot be larger than 2MB.

– If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, make one! Log into your Facebook account in another web browser tab – keep the window with your Etsy information open. Get to 25 fans and then follow this link to shorten your fan page name: Be sure you’re logged into the fan page when you do this or you’ll only be changing your personal Facebook web address!! *Once you change it THAT IS IT!! NO going back now!!

– Copy in your Facebook fan page web address and Twitter profile web address into your Etsy information and link it up! *You must click “Save Changes” for the link to be complete. Once completed, people visiting your shop page will be able to “Like” your fan page by clicking the “Like” button under your shop banner 😀

– The Shop Announcement is where you want to turn your Shop Title into a complete sentence. By repeating some of the same words, you improve your SEO with Google and other online search engines. This is also a great place to discuss any promotions you have going on at the time and also to go over any seasonal shipping information. If you have a Pinterest account that you use as a way to market yourself you can enter the link for it here – customers like being able to relate to you on a personal level and it’s another way for you to get your product in front of your potential buyers. It’s a good idea to include your Facebook fan page and Twitter links here as well; the more places the web addresses are listed online the better your SEO for those web addresses 😉

Like your Shop Title, information you enter here will effect how your shop homepage will appear in Google search results – this time the description after the link.

– The Message to Buyers is the auto message that is sent out in an email once someone has placed an order for something in your shop. This information will also show up on the receipts that the customers can view on Etsy. It is important to thank the customer for their business here and is also helpful to enter your Etsy shop web address. If you have a coupon code that you offer for repeat customers this is a good place to supply the customer with the code. Like the Shop Announcement, it’s a good idea to include your Pinterest, Facebook fan page and Twitter links here – again to improve your SEO for the social media accounts you use. Rephrase a little what was in your Shop Announcement and you’ll be good to go!

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