MUSTS when opening an Etsy shop – Part 1

By Angee Perry from ABitCreativeAMP ♥♥♥

Below is a snapshot of a shop profile page on Etsy. My tips, below, will walk you through the components of this page. This example is provided courtesy of Molly Kimball from ElephantBeads.


— Give yourself a complete profile

– Have a profile picture – aka an avatar. It can be one of the pieces of your work, your shop name or your headshot. Some use it to advertise sales with their shop name or logo so that SALE! shows up each time they make comments – they tend to comment a lot on random treasuries and such 😛 Other shop owners use it to advertise a product in their shop – something that defines the shop items as a whole and inspires other people on Etsy to click through to their shop; again the goal is to get strangers that see the avatar to click through to view the shop and listings. Whatever image you use for your avatar keep it consistent – use it across the internet to help “brand” yourself so that people recognize you (Facebook, Twitter, StumbeUpon, Wanelo, Pinterest to name a few).

– In the City section you’ll want to select your city from the dropdown menu in order to have your shop appear in local search results via Etsy’s search engine. Potential customers use this feature to try to buy things locally – sometimes it’s their way of avoiding pesky shipping costs. VERY handy when looking to purchase furniture by the way 😉

– Birthday is not too important. You can leave it blank if you choose.

– Many shop owners use the About section to talk about their shop, but it can be where you discuss things that make you good at what you’re selling. Some people also like to put in personal information – like that they’re a stay at home mom for example. Potential customers are more likely to buy if they see you as an expert in your field and if they can relate to you as a person. If you put in too much information people will have to click to view more, majority of whom do not click, so make your words count!

– Favorite Materials is a place for you to list up to 13 materials that you like. In other words, 13 tags. Filling this in helps bring you and your shop up in the search list!

– Include your shop in your profile for sure!!

– Favorite items can be left off your profile if you choose. It’s important to be selective with which items you favorite. Remember people add you to their circle either because you’re on their team OR because they like the same kinds of things that you like on Etsy. It’s better to have a small circle that pay attention to their activity feed than a lot of people trying to help everyone in their teams market everything they come across!

– Favorite shops can also be left off if you choose. People’s favorite shops are either part of their team or they like pretty much everything inside the shop. When a favorite shop has a new listing it shows up on your activity feed to the right.

– Treasury lists are another good way for people to see what you’re interested in. It will display the two most recent treasuries that you have curated. It’s important to be selective with how you create treasuries for the same reason it’s important to be selective with what listings you favorite.

– Teams can be left off if you choose. The benefits for having it turned on depend on the size of the team or teams your in and what they do in terms of promoting other team members. It also lets people within your team that look at your profile see what other teams you’re in – don’t be surprised if you have someone ask you about a team in a message if you choose to include teams on your profile 😛

– Press the “Save Changes” button for everything to take effect!!

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