Introducing Megan Sweet, owner of AddSomeStitches

Megan Sweet, shop owner of AddSomeStitches, is the winner of our inaugural DTeam Treasury Challenge, and we are pleased to honor her with a shop profile! In addition, please look for Megan’s items in the May treasury challenge entries, which will be posted over the next few weeks.

When did you open your Etsy shop?

My Etsy shop has been open for almost 2 years. I officially listed my first item Aug 8, 2010.

How did you transition from making things to selling them? 

I learned to crochet because my mom wanted to make these fleece blankets with a crochet edging around them and told me “Hey, I want to make these. Learn to crochet, then teach me to do it.” After I learned simple stitches for the blankets, I got bored cutting material, punching holes in material, crocheting around material, that I really wanted to do something else. I watched a few video tutorials on how to make hats. When my dad told me “Hey, now THAT is neat!” about the first I made with my own pattern, I knew they were good enough to sell.

We know that every sale is a fantastic event, but is there a single sale that stands out for you as special?

One of my most memorable sales was a woman asking me about all the fleece patterned material I had. She asked me to take photos, and had tons of questions. She wanted to find the perfect blanket for her daughter. Her daughter had an outside event at school (She was in Kindergarten), and they needed a blanket. After a lot of talking back and forth, my customer let her daughter decide what material and what color to use. So, it was pretty cool having a 5 year old designer. 🙂

What is the most important source of inspiration for you as an artist?

My most important source of inspiration… It’s hard to decide between my father and my daughter. My dad was so picky, that if I made something he liked, I probably wouldn’t find anyone who disliked it. He had high standards for my work. He also liked simple, one color, comfortable hats… in navy blue or black. My daughter is the other half of my inspiration. She’s crazy and fun and loves bright colors. Whereas Dad would want navy blue, black… My daughter would be more interested in neon anything, with a giant bow or flower.

What product are you most excited about right now in your shop?

I’m most excited about the new striped hats. I’ve been working with other fibers and blended fibers to create new textures and looks. Those are still in progress, but they’re what I’m most excited about now.

Do you sell your creations elsewhere? If so, where? 

I’ve been looking into craft shows, but that wouldn’t be until this Fall/Winter. My work can also be seen and purchased through

What one piece of advice do you have for a new Etsy shop owner?

Never stop learning, Don’t give up. Adapt and overcome. If something isn’t working, don’t give up, just change it. Sales don’t happen overnight, but if you constantly improve, you’ll make it! Also, check the business forums, read the helpful hint type of threads- I was doing that for weeks before I opened my shop and I felt really confident that I knew what I was doing. I joined some teams and that helped a ton. Make sure you have your shop put together too. Get a banner, avatar, and make sure you have shop policies!

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  1. Great little shop… Getting to work with Faded Orange will really help get your work out there even more.


  2. Great profile. Thanks for introducing us to this great shop owner. Her hats are really fantastic.


  3. Really nice shop with cute hats.


  4. Great feature!


  5. really enjoyed this – thank you =D



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