Pinterest Tips 8 – When to Pin

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP    ♥♥♥ 

This is the final in my series of Pinterest Tips. If you have followed my tips so far, and applied them, then you are beginning to see results from a more targeted, personal, and focused approach.  Today’s tips, again compiled from Pinerly and re-structured, offer some guidance about when to Pin in order to drive more views. Pinerly, in a future phase, will offer the ability to schedule Pins – a great help when it comes to timing your Pins.


  1. Best hours to pin: 8 PM to 1 AM EST (5 PM – 10 PM PST)
  2. Pin at lunchtime. People have more time to enjoy content when not working.
  3. Pin on weekends. Specifically Saturday. It is the best day to pin. Wednesday is good too. People have more time to look at Pinterest then.
  4. Space out your pins in intervals instead of flooding all your pins at once. Pins get moved down quickly. Small bursts throughout the day are more effective than a long stream once a day.
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  1. I’m impatiently waiting for Pinerly’s pin scheduling app to work – it’s what I joined Pinerly for 😛


  2. Same here! Can’t wait – but I expect I’ll have to! They play the “waiting game” pretty well.



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