Pinterest Tips 7 – Promote Your Pins

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP ♥♥♥    So far my Pinterest Tips have focused on getting your Pins and your Boards into shape to share the information you want to share and create interesting Boards that attract followers. Today’s tips, again compiled from Pinerly and re-structured, will help you expand your readership beyond your followers, and even beyond Pinterest.

  1. Tag people in positive pins. People like to be credited and talked about.
  2. Adding a hashtag (#) to key words in your pin provides you with a much higher chance of being found through the search on Pinterest where their search algorithm displays the latest pins (e.g., #weddings, #babies, #geeks, etc.).
  3. Providing a more detailed description for pins will provide better SEO on Pinterest.
  4. Add some of your boards to your blog to make it more visual and connect the two.
  5. Tweet and Facebook your pins. It seems obvious, but not everyone does that.
  6. Promote repins with a comment like “if you like/share our _______, please repin it ☺”. People need a little push sometimes.
  7. Arrange a “pin exchange”. Get a few brands in your industry together and exchange pins by sharing and pinning each other’s content. You are promoting your collective products and don’t seem so intrusive and sales oriented.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work! Awesome tips!



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