Pinterest Tips 6 – Promote Yourself

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP    ♥♥♥    Now that your Pin Boards are organized and attracting other Pinners, you are positioned to begin promoting your content more effectively. Today I will share some additional tips I have compiled from Pinerly about using Pinterest to promote yourself!


  1. Promote a lifestyle, not a product. People often like the “idea” of something more than the product itself.
  2. Create original content, like an outfit design or a how-to guide etc. Save it to your website or blog, then pin it to your pinboard.
  3. Add a $ value to your board. It will allow people to budget for your product.
  4. Be professional. Respect others and don’t bash the competition. No one likes rudeness.
  5. Thank people for re-pinning your content. You never know, it may spark a conversation.
  6. If you have coupons or promotions pin them onto your Pinterest board. If you don’t have any, create some to be Pinterest specific.
  7. Pin from an individual post not from the homepage of your site. This will target a specific idea or product, giving you more direct traffic.
  8. If someone pins, or repins your content the least you can do is like it. It is better if you like and comment on it. This way when people see their pin, they will see your name and comment also.
  9. Crowdsource: Ask fans to pin images with your product or brand. They’re like mini visual testimonials.
  10. Use Pinterest as a focus group. Put a product out there and see how the response is. It’s a good way to find out what your customers think.
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  1. Great tips!


  2. My favorite tip is the one about coupons or promotions


    • Yes, that’s a good one! I love the idea of “liking” and commenting when someone re-pins a pin. Keep the appreciation and dialog going both ways.


  3. mdm4

     /  April 23, 2012

    Reblogged this on Marketing.



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