Pinterest Tips 5 – Pin Boards

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP    ♥♥♥    Your Pins are now carefully chosen and expressive. Pin Boards are crucial to successful pinning, as they help tell the story of what matters to you. Today I will share some additional tips I have compiled from Pinerly about creating Pin Boards that really help your pins POP! My examples here come from successful Pinterest user and DTeamer Elise, from VintageCarolina, as she has created a great collection of Pin Boards.


  1. Your first description is your board names. Name them well to evoke curiosity and interest.
  2. Create boards to compliment your posts. Draw attention to your post by posting photos relevant to it on your board.
  3. Mix it up with your boards. Create some that are fun and some that are keyword rich.
  4. People follow boards that are relevant to them. Name your boards in a way that will provide information about what is in them.
  5. Create boards that are exclusive to Pinterest followers, that way they will feel they can see things that others cannot.
  6. Match your business to a category. This may seem straight forward, but it is often people don’t fit their content into the right place. Don’t make that mistake.
  7. Create a “me + contributors” board to allow customers to interact with your brand. It makes you much more personal and personable.
  8. Create a board about books and literature you enjoy. It shows people your ideas and thought process.
  9. Use a board to plan something by placing ideas for an event on it.

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  1. I need to work on my pin board names. Great idea. Once again, thank you.


  2. Love your series of tips and thanks so much for using the pictures of my boards. I am totally hooked on Pinterest. Hope everyone will follow me here!



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