Pinterest Tips 3 – What to Pin

By Angee Perry, ABitCreativeAMP    ♥♥♥    You are now finding your voice through Pinterest, and Pinning things that express who you are. Today I will share some of the tips I have compiled from Pinerly about the types of things to consider pinning:


  1. Keep it very simple. Anything too complicated will not register in the 1.2 seconds people have to skim over a pin.
  2. If you have a video, pin it to your board. It is an option after all, why not use it? (There are almost no video pins at the moment on Pinterest…)
  3. Create a “Pintutorial” by using several images on your board to create a step-by-step tutorial for something.
  4. Pin beautiful images. Pinterest is visual. Make your product visually appealing.
  5. Tie a picture to a season (summer, fall, holiday, etc.). People are more likely to find relevance in the image.
  6. Since Pinterest is all about pictures, try putting text on top of an image instead of the description. People are more likely to see it and read it.
  7. Try creating a daily pin theme or weekly theme. This will encourage users to come back to see what is new “this time”.
  8. Recognize great content. Pin other people’s content that has great images.
  9. Find content that defines your brand and is not only by you. This way you are not shamelessly self-promoting a product, but you are expressing an idea. That is much less intrusive.
  10. Find something interesting on Pinterest – in one of your niche topics or related fields – and repin it.
  11. Find an expert in your niche and follow them. Pin and re-pin their content. It is a social network after all.

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  1. Once you’re in Pinerly there’s a “Follow” section where you can browse through 6 different “Interesting Pinners” at a time – there’s even a list of categories to help refine the search through strangers. PERFECT for tip #11 😀


  2. I finally have been given the “special invite” to get in to Pinerly! Thanks for providing the sneak peeks, Angee!


  3. This post just gave me a bunch of new ideas! Now I have to get busy and pin! 🙂



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