HOW DO I GET IT OFF?!? Stain Removal Tips

When most of us on the Etsy D-Listers Team joined the team, we assumed we would benefit from the promotional opportunities brought by the team – and we were right. What few of us expected was the amazing support in so many other areas that we would find on this team.

Here is a “real life” example of this helpful support at work, when one of our team members accidentally stained her fridge with a dry-erase marker… Perhaps someone else out there will find some of these stain-removal tips helpful:

Angee Perry from ABitCreativeAMP:
So, I used dry erase markers on the side of my white fridge – I only needed it there for the 10 min conversation and paper wasn’t handy… The orange rubbed right off… the green is STILL THERE!! I used dish soap, Kaboom, bleach!! HOW DO I GET IT OFF?!?! HELP PLEASE!!

Michelle Weigel from GrapeVineCeramicsGft:
Try Windex – vinegar – rubbing alcohol

Windex is a no – I have to run to the store for vinegar and rubbing alcohol 😦 and nail polish remover:( It’s so upsetting… Hubby is going to be SO mad at me!

Elise from VintageCarolina:
Angee – nix the nail polish remover on the enamel paint on the frig. Hairspray works great to remove ballpoint pen so try that. Try toothpaste or baking soda slightly dampened with vinegar. Both are faintly abrasive but won’t harm surface.

Crystal Simpson from Crystalcat1989:
Yes, try baking soda

Thanks for all the tips – I’ll try everything! I did find that once I let it dry, I was able to “lighten” some of the areas… worse case scenario I’m going to cover it up with the dry erase board that actually sticks to the fridge… sigh 😉

Angee, maybe Soft Scrub with Bleach? It got week-old hair dye stains off my bathtub so maybe it’d work on the markers? The stuff’s nasty but it does the job…

DoBats I actually have that stuff!! It’s a lot fainter now…

Judy from JudysDesigns:
Angee – I missed what’s on your frig. It sounds like you’re getting good advice. Goo Be Gone is great and Oops is good for paint and icky things. You need to clean them off with soap/water when you clean the problem spot. I think 409 or soft scrub with bleach for major cleaning of hard to remove items.

I’ve cleaned entire cabinets in a very grungy house once with SimpleGreen. It comes in a spray bottle or concentrated and you mix it with water. It doesn’t smell bad and can take some seriously nasty stuff off from filthy kitchens, etc.

Ashley Noelle from BrennysBibbies (Seconded and Thirded by Lauren from PinkLeopardBowtique and Meghan W from MegsCrochetJewels):
Angee – did you try a magic eraser? Those things take off everything in our house, lol.

Elizabeth C from lizbethsgarden:
Angee — this is my last resort cleaner: you need an old sponge with a scrubby side, baking soda, liquid dish soap (dawn is best but any kind works), and rubbing alcohol.

1. Get the sponge wet.
2. Pour about 1 tablespoon of baking soda in the middle of the scrubby side.
3. Cover in dish soap.
4. Pour rubbing alcohol over the whole thing until the baking soda is saturated.
5. Immediately flip the sponge over and scrub the stain.

You can add more soap and baking soda if necessary.I got permanent marker off wood this way.

Meghan W:
Liz: Would this be safe to do on my dining room table? My cousins little girl wrote with sharpie on it. The finish isn’t in the greatest shape anyway but I wouldn’t want to strip it completely off…. I hope to one day refinish the whole thing.

Elizabeth C:
Megs — I think my stain concoction did scratch the finish a little, but not so you’d notice.

Update on the “stain” – It’s extremely faint… hubby didn’t notice. I need to go to the store tomorrow to get the rest of what I need to try… going to start with the Magic Eraser as I remember that being very easy…

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  1. LOL – This group is supportive, no matter what the problem is. We try to fix everything.


  2. Love this post!


  3. This is great! I love this team and great tips!



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