Believe in the Magic of Santa – Part III

The members of the DTeam have been sharing Santa stories in the team’s monthly chat thread. Some made us laugh and others were so heartwarming they brought tears to our eyes. We thought we would share some of those stories with our blog followers over a series of posts. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment telling us your Santa stories!

Bitty Bits and Baubles and has a cute and sweet memory of her grandparents at Christmas time.

When I was growing up, we lived in a little house in my Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard and we always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, mostly because we have no patience and aren’t morning people, but it started because at least one year Grandpa had to work on Christmas Eve. What is amazing is how they still managed to have Santa visit. My grandma would concoct a ruse, such as I think I heard reindeer feet, let’s go out and look, and of course, I always just missed Santa. Boy, they must have hustled. The really cool part though is that my Grandpa always played Santa, but he did it all year long. He was an electrician (at least at that point in his life) and he would call me and say “Ho, ho, ho, I was checking up on you today. Were you being a good little girl?” Etc. He and grandma worked together, whenever a plane had passed over and left a trail in the air my Grandma would say that was Santa passing over head to check up on the girls and boys. Many times Santa would call that night.

SassyBelleWares has a funny memory of visits from Santa on Christmas Eve.
When I was a kid we used to have Christmas Eve dinner at my maternal grandparents’ house. After everyone had arrived but before dinner, Santa would show up and ask me and my brother what we wanted him to leave us under the tree and tell us to make sure we went to bed early that night. One year when I was around 3 or 4 he showed up and I said “that’s not Santa that’s Uncle ’cause he has the same shoes as Uncle and Uncle isn’t here right now”. I don’t remember how they convinced me I was wrong. Another year my grandparents’ neighbor was Santa and his beard was flimsy so I could see through it and I told everyone “that’s not Santa, it’s Tom ’cause I can see through his beard and Santa has the same glasses as Tom”.
Something Colorful has some memories about who the real Santa is!
There was a guy who worked with my parents. My mom, dad, stepdad and grandad all worked at the same car dealership. This guy worked in parts with my dad and he looked like Santa. I mean the beard, belly, white hair, you name it! Well, apparently you could pay him to come to your house and pretend to be Santa for your kids. My parents would do it every year. My mom would even give him one of my presents so that he could give it to me early when Santa would come by to check in on me and collect my Christmas list. It was a brilliant plan, whoever came up with it! Since the guy from parts had a real beard and a pretty darn convincing costume I knew he was the real Santa, which meant every other Santa that did not look like him was fake.

My grandmom worked at the local hospital and they had a Christmas party every year and had a Santa Claus every year. Well, one year whoever it was had a cheap costume. I sat on his lap and I could see right through his beard…it looked like cheap stuffed animal fur! I played along, took a picture with him and when I went back to my mom I told her that he was fake. She asked why I thought that and I told her I could see right through his beard and it wasn’t real. I probably spoiled it for a lot of kids but they so should not have given me a real live Santa and then tried to pass off a fake one!

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