Believe in the Magic of Santa – Part II

The members of the DTeam have been sharing Santa stories in the team’s monthly chat thread. Some made us laugh and others were so heartwarming they brought tears to our eyes. We thought we would share some of those stories with our blog followers over a series of posts. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment telling us your Santa stories!

Elephant Beads has a story about Santa being forgetful. I am guessing Santa was just tired from all the hard work that goes on during the month of December!

My “Santa magic” story: Two years ago (my son was 7), my son woke up in the morning & discovered Santa’s wrapped up gifts under the tree. He was in the midst of opening them when I realized I HADN’T INCLUDED the most important Santa gift – a Captain America action figure I’d gotten on eBay at the 11th hour! I pulled my husband aside and we concocted a solution. So my son, who has the memory of an elephant (LOL), gets done opening gifts & realizes Santa forgot the Captain America…. bummer! We try to come up with reasons he might have forgotten, or maybe he ran out of Captain Americas, or whatever…

Then right after breakfast, my husband went out in the backyard and came running back into the house: “Hey Trevor! There’s something in the back yard!” Lo and behold, there’s a package in the middle of the yard – Captain America! We all just figured it fell off the sleigh while Santa was landing. Totally cinched Trev’s belief in Santa!

Brenny’s Bibbies has a really cute memory from her childhood!
I was always little Ms. Smarty Pants. In kindergarten, I told mom if Santa was real, he would leave me a hoof print from one of the reindeer. So she dipped our little doggie’s foot in cocoa powder and left it on the table. It bought her another year and then I was convinced he wasn’t real so she would buy me a little extra present or let me ‘test’ out a gift to keep me from telling my younger sister.
Grape Vine Ceramics & Gifts has a cute story and also a heartwarming story that will bring tears to your eyes.
I let the kids feed the reindeer before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. I’d have them help me mix “reindeer food” (mix oatmeal = reindeer feed with large cut glitter = Christmas Magic) Before they went to bed on Christmas Eve they would sprinkle it in the yard. When they woke up the oatmeal had evaporated and the glitter had sunk low so they could barely see it.
Time for the tissues…
When my husband was about seventeen they had a young family that lived across the street. The mom was a SAHM and the Dad had just lost his job. He was helping to shovel their sidewalk when he overheard them talking about how they were going to handle Christmas, they had a four year-old and a kindergartener. They had decided the only thing they could do was to tell them the “truth”.So my husband hatched a plan. He took his beer money for the month (yes at seventeen he had beer money and came off as a bit of a thug) and bought Christmas. There was a small decorated tree for their table, a Barbie, Barbie car and clothes for the kindergartener and a Big Wheel Trike and hotwheels cars for the 4 year-old. He also found hats and gloves for the whole family. He then dropped them off on their door-step the weekend before Christmas (rang the doorbell and ran). We don’t know if they had told the kids yet but either way Santa came and the next year they still believed.

My husband and his friends have since adopted a different family that are down on their luck every year and take turns playing Santa. As they get older they have started including their sons (at least for the drop off) My boys can’t wait for their turn.

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