Believe in the Magic of Santa – Part I

This week members of the DTeam shared their Santa stories in the team’s monthly chat thread. Some made us laugh and others were so heartwarming they brought tears to our eyes. We thought we would share some of those stories with our blog followers over a series of posts. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment telling us your Santa stories!

Nickie from Something Colorful was inspired by this treasury to tell one of her childhood memories of Santa and his reindeer:
A story for you all inspired by Megs’ treasury. It’s a story that always seems to come up this time of year. My grandad is a huge hunter, like bow and arrow, will shoot the squirrels my grandmom feeds in the back yard, hunter. Right after Thanksgiving one year we were over grandmom and grandad’s house for dinner, pretty normal, right? Well, grandad says he wants to show me something outside. I guess he wasn’t thinking straight, but he took me to show me the deer that he had just gotten. He was proud. Well all I saw was Rudolf and I started screaming bloody murder that Santa wasn’t going to be able to deliver toys, because Rudolf is dead in grandad’s garage. My mom wasn’t happy, but it is kinda funny…. Moral of the story, don’t let grandad take your 4 year old outside to “show them something” right after deer season!I can remember being, so upset about Rudolf, but I had no clue. Now I’m like how did I think that?!? and what was my grandad thinking showing me a dead deer? I think that might be why I’m a pseudo vegetarian. You never knew what you’d get at grandmom’s house!

Nickie also has a story about Santa’s elves:
My parents knocked on the wall when I wasn’t looking and told me the elves were in the walls, so I had to be good or they would tell Santa. Apparently that same story scared my cousins half to death so the elves weren’t allowed at my cousins’ house.

And another Santa and reindeer story:

My stepdad would leave me notes from Santa with some crazy stuff that I should have known it was him. Like that Santa prefers wine instead of a glass of milk. I used to leave cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Well he took the carrots, went outside in the snow and chewed them all up and spit them out all over the drive way. The next morning he pretended to go outside for who knows what and came running back into the house to find me and show me the most amazing thing outside.

This beaded sequin headband would be a fabulous accessory for a special Christmas outfit:
Fiberpuppy shares one of her cute Santa memories:
Our family used to have a big to-do on Christmas Eve kind of especially for family-less friends. It became a big get-together when I was a kid. Well I woke up on Christmas morn just about the time I was beginning to disbelieve Santa and there in fact was Santa’s pipe. (No one in my family smoked a pipe and my brother’s played it up). I remember being totally stunned. Turns out someone from the party had left a pipe. (although I’ve asked who it was as an adult and no one remembers) I think I believed in Santa for at least a year. I think I still have doubts.
This felted lion hat would keep Santa warm when he hangs up his official Santa hat:
Jenny from Black Magic Studio says:
I was THAT kid. The annoying skeptical smarty pants that asked too many questions. By the time I was 5 or 6 I kept complaining that we didn’t have a chimney and that leaving the door unlocked all night just for Santa was really unsafe, etc. So my parents just gave in. Oh well! The holidays were still always fun as a kid.
I bet if Santa bought this vintage bracelet for Mrs. Claus he will be on her good list:
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