Applying Retail Holiday Timeline to Your Shop

      by LizbethsGardens

For retail businesses, the cycle of holidays is greatlyaccelerated. Even Etsy shop owners, working for themselves, need to get theirholiday items ready and listed in their stores long before the actual holiday.Why? You might ask. The answer is that print magazines have a three-month (ormore) lead-time, so if you want to be noticed by traditional media, you need tobe ready well in advance. Also, if you are selling online, you need to allowfor shipping times. People will be shopping for Valentine’s Day (February 14)items in December and January.

If you are a shop owner, this is also a good argument foralways having some holiday items always available in your store, even if theyaren’t placed front and center. Then you are always ready for the earlyshoppers, and the magazines, if you are trying to attract publicity. So, whatshould an Etsy store have ready in which months? This is the schedule I use formy own shop, based on Northern Hemisphere seasons.

January: Valentine’s Day
February: Spring & Easter (this will move to January ifEaster is very early)
March: Mother’s Day
April: Father’s Day
May: USA Fourth of July/Summer items
June: Summer
July: Back to school/autumn
August: Halloween
September/October: Christmas
Do I always get the new seasonal items in my store in time? No, but one advantage of building up an inventory is that there are always a few items in my store that fit the upcoming season.
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