Ghost Stories

October is the perfect month for stories about ghosts and spirits. The DTeam members have been sharing their personal experiences with each other and we thought it would be fun to share a few with everyone. Read on for tales from the other side!

Grape Vine Ceramics and Gifts has a great story that makes you realize our loved ones who have passed are still here in spirit and watching out for us. Here is her story:
When my youngest son was born, there were major complications due to the fact that he was six weeks early. We live in a small enough community that the doctors here don’t always have access to the needed equipment. When that happens, they life watch patients to larger hospitals that are at least 3 hours away. Chris was life watched because the next level respirator was in Wichita. They offered to take my husband with him because I had had a C-section and they weren’t ready to move me, but he was 5 pounds over the weight limit. So he drove (I should say flew in his own way). We have friends on the highway patrol that knew I was pregnant, when they clocked him at 120 they began pursuit and called to the hospital to see what happened. They let them know that Chris was being life watched and that he was heading to the hospital. Our friend then tried to set up an escort a) to make sure my husband got there and b) to keep him from getting a ticket or worse. Eight troopers tried at various overpasses to get in front of him and lead – it didn’t work. There’s an area called the Cheyenne Bottoms between Hays and Wichita and it is notorious for heavy fog at night and early morning. When my husband came up to it there was a small pick up that set the pace and wouldn’t let him pass. It was the same color pickup that my husband’s best friend had had. As a matter of fact the same color truck that his friend had rolled and lost his life in six years earlier. Once he was through the area of fog the truck was gone. I don’t necessarily call this one a “ghost story” but I do know that someone was looking out for him that night.

Elephant Beads has a story that animal lovers, especially those who have lost a beloved pet, will be fascinated with:
Back in August of 2008, my 10 year old ginger cat, Eddie, died suddenly after being attacked by roaming dogs. His soul-mate was Maisie, a little pixie of a cat with a manx tail – she was bereft when Eddie died, and after moping around for a day, she vanished for two days. We looked everywhere for her, but couldn’t find her. When she returned, she was cheerful and happy – but strangest of all, she began spending her time in all of Eddie’s old sleep-spots. She had never been willing to climb the big olive tree in the backyard, but immediately she went up into the tree, just like Eddie used to, and lounged in his “spot” up in the crook of two branches. I was absolutely convinced that when she was gone for two days she had gone away, met with Eddie’s spirit, and gotten some Eddie-pointers from him. 

When we moved to our new home in Phoenix, we brought our Eddie memorial stone and placed it in our new yard. It had only been about a year since his death, and I was mourning the fact that we had to leave his spirit behind. But about a month after moving here, there was a really spooky twilit  evening when the wind was blowing and I heard a strange sound outside. I went out front, and there was a HUGE beach ball (at least two feet in diameter) bouncing down the street, and not a soul in sight. I watched it bounce out of sight, and then in a flash, there was Eddie, running across the corner of the front yard, and up the path beside our new house. I know it was him, because this was a new development, and there were NO cats around, before or after that day, other than our cats. I think he was letting me know he was still with us.

Meg’s Crochet Jewels and Aunt Meghey’s Cottage has another pet story:
My cat is really in tune with the “otherside” I am positive that we have a ghost in this house because she never used to do this at the trailer where we lived before. But here she will stare at the same spot on the ceiling, and then sometimes it moves and she follows it around but it always starts in the same spot on the ceiling.

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