The Quirky Cork’s Upcycled Cork Jewelry

How’d you get started on Etsy?
I was turned on to Esty by a good friend of mine. I waswanting to sell my wine cork bracelets but wasn’t sure how to or who to.
What pushes you to want to create something?
Ambition and my love of creating beautiful things.
What was your inspiration for your shop?
Wine corks. I have collected so many over the past few yearsand I didn’t know what to do with them. Now I can not stop making things withthem.
Where do you get your ideas? And what prompted you to makewhat you do?
Alot of my idea’s come from being born and raised in Tampa.=and all the experiences that I have had. Gasparilla, is the main one. If youcould tell I am obsessed with it. My brother is a few years older then me andkeeps asking me when am I going to grow up and stop going to Gasparilla…..NEVER!

What’s your favorite shop item and why?
My favorite item and has been since I started would be myPirate wine cork bracelet. Love, love, love it! It was made for my love of theGasparilla Parade in Tampa, FL.
What’s your favorite kind of cupcake?
Apple strudel with butter cream frosting. Oh my heavens!
What’s your favorite cartoon as a kid. As an adult, if youstumble upon it while channel surfing now would you stop & watch?
Strawberry Shortcake and The Smurfs. If I stumbled across itI would most definitely watch it again. Love to go down memory lane.

What’s your fantasy job?
To work at home and be successful.
Do you have a secret guilty pleasure?
Not really and if I did I don’t think I should tell anyone.LOL!
List 3 things you are so obsessed with it is torture to eversay no to.
Gasparilla Parade,
decorating something,
going out to dinner.
Do you have a favorite author? When you read, do you use aproper bookmark, bend the page, or grab anything handy to mark your place?
Karen Marie Moning The Fever Series. I use whatever I canfind to book mark my pages or sometimes just bend them.
If money was no object and you can live wherever youwant….where would that be?
I think I would just travel all over the World and see asmuch ad I could. That is a hard question to answer.
What is your best childhood memory?
To many as I cherish alot of them and I guess it justdepends on the moment or who it was with. I am from a big family, so I had alotof wonderful memories.
You can find more upcycled cork jewelry in The Quirky Cork’s Etsy shop. You can also find her on Facebook.
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