Shaping Earth’s Elements with ElephantBeads

We asked recently for ElephantBeads to tell us more about her shop and her love of gemstones and beading. These are her words.

A couple of months ago I took the “Six Word Challenge” and defined the style of creations I sell in my Etsy shop in six words or less. Here’s what I came up with: “Shaping earth’s elements into usable art.”
The “earth’s elements”” part makes a lot of sense, given my background. As the daughter of a field geologist, I spent hours wandering across dusty Wyoming rock fields, staring at the ground and swooping down to pick up moss agates or other natural treasures. My brother and I wielded pick-axes to gently pry apart layers of sandstone to discover fossilized fish. Google ”Pumpkin Buttes” for a great example of where I spent my childhood days!

Rocks and gemstones are second nature to me – throughout my childhood the rock tumbler hummed in the garage, with agates inside and occasionally a nice chunk of jade or turquoise. For a long time, my creativity took the form of writing, sketching and painting – but I have returned to earth’s elements with my Etsy shop, and I’m totally happy when I’m hammering and shaping metal or threading stones, gems, glass or crystal on a string or a wire or weaving them into a mini-tapestry. I have discovered that my main style is Boho –a diverse mix of earthy eclecticism that allows me to experiment with textures and colors.

I wear many of my own pieces – the ones I just couldn’t part with! I rarely create two of the same thing. The rare exceptions are my metalworked copper bookmarks – there are still a few in my shop, but they were very popular. I created those addictively several months ago in a variety of colors. I keep thinking I’ll make more, but in the rare moments (between a full time corporate job and my awesome family) that I sit down to create, I find I’m taken in a new direction.

Someone once asked a question in an Etsy discussion: What makes your shop truly unique? I am still pondering that question, and I still don’t have a great answer for it. But one thing I do know: I am a perfectionist, and my goal is to create wearable art that is comfortable, balanced and built to last. I love it when my customers buy one of my items for a special occasion or to give as a gift, and are happy with their choice. I hope they enjoy it for years to come!

You can find more great jewelry pieces in Elephant Beads’ Etsy shop. Elephant Beads can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and on her blog.

For other awesome artisans and their wares, please keyword search DTeam on Etsy.

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