Another Way to “Preserve” Tomatoes

So you have a bumper crop of tomatoes (or in my case, tomatillos)? Given some to all your family, friends and co-workers? Now, what to do with the rest? This exact scenario happened to me a couple years ago, and just couldn’t eat any more salsa verde or tomatoes. So, I decided to make Tomatillo Wine.

After googling the fruit wine making process, I was off to my local beer/wine making store with a little list of ingredients: acid blend, pectic enzyme, grape tannin, yeast nutrient, campden tablet, and champagne yeast. I also had to buy a 2-gallon plastic bucket, 2 1-gallon glass jugs, a hydrometer, 2 rubber corks (for the glass jugs) , 2 airlocks, some plastic tubing, and of course, wine bottles and corks.


The process wasn’t too difficult. I followed the instructions and recipe from The most important thing is keeping your work area as sterile as possible, and to sterilize all the buckets and bottles before using them. There is a seven day period where you have to really take care of the mash, stirring twice a day while it is in the bucket. Then you remove the fruit and siphon to the glass jugs.

Now the real wait begins. Rack the wine every 60 days until it clears; another racking in 2 weeks. Add the stabilizer and wait another 10 days.

Sweeten the wine to taste with sugar water and bottle. Place the bottled wine in a cool dark place and let it mature for about a year.

While my attempt to make tomatillo wine failed (I had 12 bottles of really bad tomatillo vinegar after a year), it is still a fun project and I will try it again. It is recommended to use your own homegrown fruit, or that of someone you know, since grocery store fruits can have pesticides on them (which are not good for wine making). And the possibilities are endless. Florida Orange Groves Winery makes Hot Sun, a tomato jalapeno wine that is just amazing! Happy wine-making!

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