Ruffle Flower Pillow

                      By TheFeistyRedhead

I feel like every project I’ve done in the past month either involves ruffles or flowers. Today I present: the ruffle flower pillow!
My friend Jenn bought me this awesome flower pillow kit from TaDaa Studio on Etsy. I love kits. The best part is that you don’t have to go to a bazillion stores to find what you need for one project. And you know how much I despise cutting. Most of the time, the kits have already cut the pieces for me.

The kit comes with complete instructions, thank goodness. Here’s how I did it.

I sewed a very loose zigzag stitch along the 7 yards of felt included in the kit, then pulled it tightly to form the ruffle. I started pinning the ruffle onto the large felt piece…

And just kept it moving around in a spiral:

Things I liked about this project:
The instructions were awesome. They were detailed and even gave different options for some steps.

The invisible zipper was already sewn onto one of the pillow pieces!

I can use this same technique for other projects, like more pillows made out of my old tee shirts. Or a bib necklace with these little flowers all over them.

Things I didn’t like about this project:
Basting the ruffle was a pain because the felt was so thick. It made my fingers hurt to pull the thread to gather it. (Wah, wah.)

This pillow is pretty much for looks/decor. The felt is not good for napping. (That’s why I’d like to create more of these from tee shirts. Nap town!)

This post was originally on TheFeistyRedhead’s blog.  You can also find her in her Etsy shop and on Facebook.  Find other great shops on Etsy by keyword searching DTeam.
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