NEL Designs Jewelry in the Spotlight

It’s great to get more for your money. It’s also great to have many wearing options in one piece. Infusing these two concepts into my designs is what I am about. When I’m designing a necklace I like to think about the different ways it could be worn. I don’t want to restrict myself to what I see in the stores and stay inside the box of convenience and security. Instead, I choose uniqueness and creativity with these two necklace designs, because i’m designing fashion.

These two necklaces give the wearer the ability to be creative, and find out their own style.
The Sophia ribbon and chain necklace can be worn at any length and can be tied in the back as a bow or it can hang down the back.
The Black Lace and Gold Chain necklace can be worn as a longer chain in the front, tying the lace in the back, or as a choker, tying the lace in the front as a bow.
Maybe you can think of more ways to wear these designs when you explore your own unleashed sense of creative fashion.
Sophia Ribbon and Chain
Find more on NELDesigns at this locations:
You can also find other great shops on Etsy by keyword searching DTeam.
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