Pinterest: The Tutorial

               By AddSomeStitches

My new obsession is none other than Pinterest. It’s like a virtual pinboard. You can create a board full of things you love. It works similarly to Twitter as you can follow your friends, be followed and share, favorite, and repin other peoples’ pins. You can use Pinterest to share all kinds of things for wedding or party inspiration, favorite products, anything! It’s really great for handmade items as well. What better to do than support your favorite online handmade store? Pinterest is invite only. You can request an invite from Pinterest or send me or a friend who has a Pinterest account a message with your email address. After you go through getting your Pinterest account, you can start pinning!

The easiest way to start pinning items is to add the Pin It bookmark. It’s a little button you can add to your bookmark bar using Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. If you don’t use any of these web browsers, it’s ok! There is another way to pin! To add the Pin It button to your bookmark bar, go to your browser make sure your bookmark bar is visible by going to View > Always Show Bookmarks Bar, then drag the pin it link to your bookmark bar. You can find the Pin It bookmark link here. If you have Internet Explorer, an iPhone and/or iPad Go Here and follow the instructions.

If you don’t want the bookmarklet on your computer you can go to your Pinterest page, on your Pinterest tool bar you’ll have buttons with drop down boxes. Go to “Add” and click “Add Pin” This will take you to this page (see photo below). Put the URL of the thing you want to pin into the URL box. At this point you can add a little message about your pin, give it tags, and add a price to the item. Hit the “Pin It” button and your pin will show up to all your followers.

If you do not have followers yet, you can find friends under your Pinterest tool bar button “People” the drop box will have an option to “Find Friends” Click that and you can import Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! and Gmail friends who are already using Pinterest. Pinterest works a lot like Twitter does. You follow others and are followed, but your tweets are pictures instead of words or updates.It’s a really great way to share your personal style and products you love, but also to find some really awesome products!

So, get to Pinning!

This entry was originally on AddSomeStitches’  blog. You can also find her in her Etsy shop, Facebook, and Twitter. Find other great shops by keyword searching DTeam on Etsy.

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  1. Yaay for Pinterest! Best thing to happen to my crafty to-do list!



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