Reading with the DTeam

The DTeamers not only share a love for creating fabulous items for their shops, they also have a love for getting lost in an awesome book! Some of the team members have shared some of their favorite reads. If you are a book lover or know someone who is and need a gift for them, read on. You may find the perfect book!

Add Some Stitches has a few recommendations and says:

“I REALLY liked We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier. It’s written unlike any book I’ve ever read. It’s got 3 story lines and they all collide. I read this book in a matter of days because I was completely hooked. I was also a HUGE fan of Interview with the Vampire and most of the books in The Vampire Chronicles. Interview with the Vampire is my favorite though. I’m totally in love with Louis! He’s my favorite character in all the books. Lestat gets too much credit and all he does is run around, break rules and make trouble for everyone.”

Stop by her shop and you will find some great items including this bag that is perfect for toting around the current book you are reading and whatever else you must have with you!
The Feisty Redhead suggests reading the young adult series, Hunger Game. She says they were “great” and “quick reads” Her other suggestion made me laugh, “Read them now before the movie is released so you can be the person annoyingly whispering in the theater, ‘This isn’t how that happened in the book’!” Take a peek at her shop a pick up something like this cool tee shirt necklace so you can be the most fashionable annoying whisperer in the theater!

Fiberpuppy is very enthusiastic about Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, saying it is “AWESOME!”. She says it tells “the real story behind the fancy chef hats”.
Her shop has lots of fabulous felted items including this tote that is perfect for making sure your book is always with you…you never know when you may get stuck waiting somewhere with nothing to do!
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