Refrigerating Fruits & Veggies: A How-To

     By lizbethsgarden

Fruits & Veggies to Store on Counter

Apples (for a week or less)
Tomatoes (NEVER refrigerate)

Anything with a peel (eg melons, bananas)

Tree fruits (eg avocado, apricot, peach, plum) that need to ripen

Veggies to Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Eggplant (use quickly)

Winter squash of all kinds (eg acorn squash, Mother Hubbard squash)


Onions (and separate onions & potatoes)

Everything else, use the refrigerator

Refrigerator Tips

Separate fruits & veggies.

For fresh herbs and asparagus, place the cut ends in a glass of water.

Make sure the produce has ventilation (use mesh bags or poke holes in the plastic supermarket bags).

For celery and carrots, cut into sticks and place in a glass bowl with water to cover. Replace the water every few days.

Mushrooms and berries should be stored in a warmer part of the refrigerator.

Most produce should not be washed before refrigerator storage, except as noted above and leafy greens (eg lettuce and spinach).

Wash leafy greens well and dry thoroughly (ideally in a salad spinner). Then layer with paper towels and place in a plastic bag with ventilation.

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  1. Don't refrigerate tomatoes?! I had no idea! Thanks for the info!


  2. Do asparagus the same way as the celery and carrots. Set them in a cup with the fancy ends up. They'll last a lot longer.



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