How-To: Make Your Own Raffle Tickets

Written by Lizbeth’s Garden

I just created my own tear-off, individually numbered raffle tickets for a trunk show I’m holding in a couple days. Here’s how I did it.
Creating your own raffle tickets using PrintShop

1. Open PrintShop. I’m using Mac OS 2.0.3U.

2. Create a new document using a business card template. I used Avery 8877 Clean Edge Business Card (wide). I had already purchased this
paper from the office supply store.

3. Add a line down the middle.
    a) Open the Insert menu
    b) Select Borders/Lines
    c) Select Decorative Line
    d) I chose Cutting Line and a vertical alignment.

4. Once your line is added, make sure it’s centered and as long as the card.

5. Create a custom list.
    a) Open the Tools menu and select Custom List.
    b) In Field 1, put 1.
    c) Create a new record by clicking the + in the lower left corner. Put 2 in Field 1.
    d) Repeat steps 5c and 5d until you have added as many numbers as you want tickets. I have invited 50 people to my trunk show, so I made 80 just to be safe.

6. Create a new text box and select the text in it.

7. Open the Insert menu and select Custom List Field and Line 1. This will put the number of each card where you choose to place the text box.

8. Reduce the size of the text box so it’s just as large as the text inside.

9. Move it to the lower left of the card.

10. While the box is selected, copy and paste it. Move the copy to the lower right of the card.

11. Align the text in the right-hand box to the right, and to the left in the left-hand box.

12. I chose to add the date of the event to both sides, too, on either side of the dividing line.

13. I decided to have the left-hand side of the card be the keep side for the person filling out the card and the right-hand side be the side they give to me.

14. On the left, I added information about how I plan to use the contact info they give me, and what is required for raffle entry. This is what I said:

Keep this ticket half.
By giving Lizbeth’s Garden your contact information, you agree to be contacted by Lizbeth’s Garden in the future and added to the Lizbeth’s Garden mailing list.
Name and email address are required to enter the raffle. All other information is optional.
Your information will not be sold or rented or given away.

15. On the right, I put labels and inserted decorative lines for people to write on.

16. Make sure all your text boxes are the correct font and size you want. Using 10 or 12 point font and a sans-serif font will make it more readable. I used Palatino.

17. Print and list-merge when it prompts you. Printing from PrintShop is an entire blog post on its own, so I’ll just give you one tip. The entire file will print at once, so empty your printer tray of all paper, and just put in one sheet of the business card paper in at a time. It will tell you between each sheet that you’re out of paper, so reload with a single sheet each time until the entire file is printed. Most home printers will pull in too many sheets of the special paper if there is more than one in the tray at a time, and of course you don’t want it to print on the regular paper (unless you plan on cutting apart the cards).

18. Break apart the cards, following the directions on the package.

19. Make sure all the cards are in order, as they print in alphabetic order (1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, etc.) not numeric order.

20.You’re all set!

Thanks LizbethsGarden for this great tutorial! You can find more about LizbethsGarden at these sites:


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  1. How creative! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! This will be great to know how to do if I do raffles!


  3. Lizbeth did a great job -again!



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