It’s a festival of crafts at Vix Emporium

Vix Emporium in West Philadelphia Brings Local Artists Together

It’s a festival of crafts at Vix Emporium on 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue. With the motto, “Unique Wares by Unique People,” Vix offers local handmade gifts and cards in West Philadelphia. These handmade wares are not all made by Vix owners, Sean and Emily Dorn, but by over a hundred different artisans and crafters who consign to Vix.

When I first walked into Vix I was greeted by a menagerie of artistic variety. Hand-sewn Pillows reminiscent of Indian culture caught my eye, earthy pottery designs lined book cases, and I perused the rotating card stand. I took a couple minutes to decide, but I picked up 3 West Philly graphic card designs, 3 for $5.

The scent of handmade soap trailed through the air and I followed to take a look. Along with the soaps were bath and body products, organic and natural. I glanced quickly over the knitted baby booties and children’s clothing to find my way to my favorite part of any store-the jewelry. There was a multitude of feathers, pendants, and delicate chains. Vix’s quality jewelry variety and quantity made choosing one thing difficult, but I landed on a $6 black felt flower ring with a jeweled center.

Not only does Vix display artisan wares from all over the country, but they also host art shows and craft fairs. In fact, on April 9th from 12 pm-5 pm, Vix is promoting Go West! Craft Fest at Cedar Park. All local artisan wares will be on display, as well as live music, a special kids program, and an all-day bike sale at Firehouse Bikes.

Following the Craft Fest (from 5 pm- 8pm) will be a reception for one of Vix’s favorite local artists, illustrator Pragya Kothari. Kothari’s show, “The Things Spring Brings,” will debut some of her new prints. According to the Vix website, “Her vivid and playful images bring a bright touch of color and whimsy to wherever they alight.”

To walk into Vix Emporium is like walking into a high-end flea market with much more class and care on display; it’s like having world art at your fingertips. 



This post entry was originally written for freelance lizzy’s blog. She is also a shopowner on Etsy where you can find elegant contemporary jewelry.

You can find more about Vix Emporium on their website.

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  1. Sounds like a great place!!


  2. Yea they will take consignment from all over, you don't have to be a local artist. Thought this would be good for those interested!


  3. Nel, you did such a great job of describing the shop, I want to visit it in person!



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