What are you making this weekend?

Plarn?  Say What???
     By The Lime Grasshopper

I get a questioning look from most people who ask me what my items are made from: 

Plarn?  What’s that?
Yarn made from plastic grocery bags. 
Uh, why would you use that? 
Do you have any idea how many grocery bags I save from the landfill?  All my friends and family save their bags for me, and I cut them up to make my little creations.

Now, I am going to impart some of my learned knowledge of plarn to you by teaching you how to make plarn.

1. Take a clean plastic grocery bag (I prefer a used bag, since I am trying to upcycle).

2. Tuck the sides in, straighten any twisted handles, and flatten the bag.

3. Fold the bag in half tall-ways, so the handles are now on top of each other, and flatten. Fold the bag in half again, same way, and flatten.

4. Grab some sharp scissors, and cut across to remove the sealed bottom end of the bag. Throw this piece away.

5. Continue to cut across the bag, about ½” pieces, until you reach the top opening. Discard the handle leftovers.

6. Now, each piece is actually a loop. Now, take two loops, overlap, pull one through the other, and pull tight. You have made a larks head knot.

7. Keep repeating the knot until you have knotted all the loops together (HINT: I usually only knot 5-6 loops at once, to keep things from getting tangled).

There you have it: plarn!

Peachy Salmon and Cream Plarn and Yarn Clutch


The width of the loops really depends upon what you are making. I usually crochet with the plarn and some kind of yarn together (my personal style), and therefore can make skinnier strips. Experiment and have fun. Remember, if you are learning to knit or crochet, this is FREE yarn that you and just recycle if the experiment doesn’t work out!
Satrngrl aka The Lime Grasshopper handcrafts recycled and upcycled clutches, coozies, jewelry and accessories in her Etsy Shop and on MadeItMyself. You can also find her on Facebook. The Lime Grasshopper is also on our DTeam Mall Page.
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  1. I have a couple of bags, lots of ploozies & a card holder from The Lime Grasshopper and I love all of them!


  2. What a great way to reuse these wasteful bags!


  3. I feel inspired too thanks to The Lime Grasshopper.



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