What’s your most popular?

Robot Valentine by loveandwhiskers

 .By Lizbeth’s Garden

I got curious the other day when I was looking at Google Analytics for my Etsy store. I was reviewing the Content report, and I realized that it was recording visits to pages that had section_id in their title, followed by a long number. Well, I visited my Etsy store, and checked the links to my store sections. Sure enough, the store section addresses ended in section_id=number.

Wait a minute. That means that I can tell, in Analytics, which of my sections are being visited the most, and what the bounce rates are. How can you do this? Basically, you filter the content overview report to show only the section pages. Here it is step by step:

1.Go into your Etsy store and click each store section. In a convenient place (I used a text editor), write down the name of each store section. Copy from the address bar the number at the end of the address and paste it next to the correct section in your list. My list ended up looking like this:


5 dollars and under: 7621498
Holiday Ornament Tassels: 6667163
Custom Beaded Tassels: 7458798
Tassel Keyrings: 6786496
Decorative Tassels: 6476642
Beaded Tassel Jewelry: 6768749
Beaded Snowflakes: 7371318
Preserved Flowers: 7054753
Bookmarks: 7621559
Paper Goods: 7283785

Save this list somewhere convenient.

2.I’m going to assume you have Google Analytics set up. So go to your report dashboard and scroll down until you see the box labeled Content Overview. Click view report.

3.Scroll down to the Top Content box. Click view full report.

4.Scroll down to the bottom of the report. You will see where it says Filter Page with a drop down box next to it. The box should say Containing. Leave that as it is. In the text box to the right of that, type section_id and click Go.

5.You should get a list of pages with the addresses ending in section_id=number and the page views, etc.

6.Copy these rows and paste it into a spreadsheet. The headers won’t copy, so add a row at the top of the spreadsheet and add the column names.

7.Add a column at the beginning. Call it Title.

8.Now get out your list of section numbers and compare the numbers. Type the page title of each page in the corresponding row.

9.Now you know which of your sections are most popular with people looking at your shop.

This article was written by Lizbeth’sGarden. She writes a fascinating blog filled with poetry and story telling. Her Etsy shop can be found in the DTeam Mall.  Thank you, Lizbeth!

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  1. So glad we have you to figure out the smart stuff AND put it in terms I can understand!!!! THANKS:0)


  2. Very cool trick. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Steph, I cannot take the credit personally. Lizbeth did this awesome job all by herself. =)



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